Summer Daze by George Shaw, Alfa, Dawen and Nathan Park from Harry Shum Jr. sketches with Wong Fu Productions.

Chinese daily 10-14: Dawen's "Friday" Chinese cover & learn "again" "later"

Video post: Chinese version “Friday” (Rebecca Black) with lyrics

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It’s Friday - You may have seen this before but just in case you haven’t here’s Dawen’s cover of Rebecca Black’s Friday.

Click through for lyrics - 星期五! 星期五!
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又 yòu / (once) again / also / both… and… / again /

后 hòu / back / behind / rear / afterwards / after / later /

又 yòu can be used in a simple pattern to describe both This and That - for example hungry & thirsty: 他又饿又渴 Tā yòu è yòu kě

Try to translate these if you need ideas:
After running the marathon I was tired and thirsty.
They are smoking behind the school again.

Make a sentence or two and include 汉字, Pinyin & English.

Click here to reply to this daily sentence challenge.

Rebecca Black - Friday (Chinese version) (by dawen)

My favorite part is “你知道” for “You know what it is.” LOL.


This sounds so much better in Chinese.

Even though the translation is insane, it’s still pretty awesome.

Download it here!


Dawen 王大文 - 美麗 "Beautiful"

Been obsessing over this song all week (it’s the theme song for Deja Vu)

and I just found out he uploaded the MV for it yesterday!!!

I’ve replayed it so many times I can understand some of it lol.


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This is definitely 我最爱的歌 right now 

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Chinese version of Radiohead “Creep” by Dawen

Study More Chinese: Excellent & fun cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” in Chinese by Dawen.


DANakaDAN x afterschoolspecial - Dreamers x The Dreamlapse Project

They finally released it! Been waiting for it forever.

Kollaboration 11 is coming to Los Angeles & our very good friend, Dawen, is performing!

The event will be held at the Nokia Theater (777 Chick Hearn Court Los Angeles CA 90015) on Saturday November 5, 2011 at 7PM! 

For more information on the event and a full list of the line-up, check out

For discounted tickets ($15!!), use this special link provided by Dawen!

Check out more of Dawen:

Chinese version of Marvin’s Room with lyrics by Dawen

Study More Chinese: Chinese & English cover by Dawen & Sha Sha Jones. Pretty good Chinese vocabulary for relationships. Click here for lyrics in 汉字 & pinyin in the comments section.

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Jane Lui, Dawen, and Gerald Ko cover Backstreet Boy’s I Want It That Way in Chinese.



MC Jin - Over The Edge ft. Dawen (@iammcjin @dawenmusic @rapzilla)

Hes back !!!!!!!! DOPE