We love you, Davy!

It’s been four years since Davy left us, and it’s hard to know what to say on a day like today. But instead of being sad, I’m going to focus on the things I love about Davy Jones.

  • His face. Has there ever been a cuter face? No. No there hasn’t.
  • His glossy hair.

Originally posted by yoursunnygirlfriend

Originally posted by yoursunnygirlfriend

  • He was a fab little actor
  • He was a proud Manchester lad!!!
  • The fact he was in Coronation Street and KEN BARLOW had this to say about him:
  • He may have been small in height but he had a bangin’ bod.
  • The love he had for his daughters <3
  • This face/picture
  • His passion for horses
  • His face in this scene:

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  • His facial expressions in general
  • The fact that he was so willing to endulge Micky during this ‘80s performance:
  • The fact that it was totally believeable that a different girl would fall in love with him every week on The Monkees

  • His fashion sense!!!
  • “We were, you know, all wacked out on California Gold, or whatever you called it at the time.”
  • HIS FACE. I know I already said this but it needs a second mention.
  • His showmanship.

Davy was a special something and I wish he could be here for the Monkees 50th anniversay. More than that, I wish he could be here for his daughters, his family, his friends, and everyone that loved him. But I know he’ll be having a groovy time up there looking down on us all!

We love you, Davy!!

You were not perfect.

You lived in the posters on our bedroom walls, on the covers of albums that we listened to over and over again, on our televisions in clear, beautiful color that made your already-sparkling smile somehow even brighter. In the midst of our tumultuous adolescences, these were the places that we could find you whenever we needed you to bring happiness and joy into our lives.

You had a family. People who saw you not as Davy Jones, but as “Dad” and “Husband,” who witnessed you at your very best and your very worst. You had friends who can tell endless stories of your generous spirit, your mischievous sense of humor, and your several decades’ worth of dedication to entertaining and charming audiences everywhere.

You had three brothers. Comrades-in-arms, as it were, who went through the machine with you, who shared together in your most exhilarating highs and lowest lows. Sometimes you fought, the way that brothers do, and harsh words–or even blows–were exchanged. But you were loyal to their musical mission in those heady ‘60s days, and stood up for them when it was needed most. They, in turn, never stopped seeing your magic, your boundless energy, and the way the spotlight always seemed to shine so naturally on you.

You were temperamental. Loud-mouthed. Fiery. Hilarious. Lovely. You sang and danced and worked so hard to bring light to those who loved you. And no matter how many years may pass, that light will never go out.

You were not perfect. But you didn’t need to be for us to love you.

R.I.P. Davy Jones, 1945-2012


Next Monday will be the fourth anniversary of Davy Jones’s death (and the first time we will be able to celebrate him on the actual anniversary, since he died on leap day in 2012). So over the next seven days I’m going to be posting/reblogging a lot of Davy-related stuff on my blog. Hope you enjoy it:) I miss Davy so much, man….