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Iain Lee Pocket Radio Show- Peter Tork Interview 2012

Episode 3 wends its way. the show was really starting to take shape by now and getting into a groove. It was recorded shortly after Davy Jones dies (Feb 29th 2012 was his passing) so it kind of has a Monkees vibe. Peter Tork was gracious enough to come on and talk about Davy. Vinny and Eloise somehow make it on to the show, I don’t know how, and the phone calls are random and marvellous.

The bonus audio included here is the full Nemith interview I did in I think 2010. I’ve also included some chatter with him that was taken before the interview started. I only just discovered it today so thought I’d chuck it in. I hope he doesn’t mind - Michael, if you do, let me know.


Fangirl Challenge:
[10] Male Characters

(Like I did with movie I’ll devide this .. I’ll put 10 favourite characters from movies , and 10 from series :3)

[10/10] - Davy Jones [Pirates of the Caribbean]
Do you fear death? Do you fear that dark abyss? All your deeds laid bare, all your sins punished? I can offer you…an escape.

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I was listening to Davy Jones theme and suddenly remembered that I wanna read @the-wandering-quill davy jones!Elsa story @.@…. Anyway…..um ahahaha this rough doodle is a bit random, I just draw whatever I wanna draw at that moment 

Quill, do you mind sending me the link to your davy jones au?

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So, for a year now, the world has been an emptier place. You guys won’t really know this, because this time last year I was much more of a deviantart person, but I cried almost non-stop for over a week when Davy jones died, I even had to run out of my classroom in tears after breaking down during a drama lesson. It didn’t help when my friend came out to comfort me and tried to make me smile by telling me to “cheer up, sleepy jean”. And in the year since, I still break down sometimes. Although many of my friends understood, some still told it was stupid to be so affected by the death of someone I’d never even met. But you people should know more than anyone that you don’t have to know someone personally for them to affect your life in a big way. Davy was one of my heroes. Whenever I had a bad day, I’d watch The Monkees or listen to his music, and when I was stressed or angry or upset at school, I’d just think of him, and he always made me smile. He convinced me I wanted to write comedy, I wanted to spend my life making people smile and laugh like he did. When someone means that much to you, is that much of an inspiration to you, you think they’re going to live forever. But they never do. And it always hurts to learn that. But as long as you remember them, as long as you still love them, and as long as you remember everything they taught you, in a way, they will.

So rest in peace, Manchester Cowboy. I’ll always love you. Always.