Thoughts on Various Nico Robin Ships

So lately I’ve seen several comparison posts made about the two main Nico Robin ships, Frobin and Zorobin, with all of them favoring the former. While on one particular post the viewpoint was very fair and kindly worded in regards to both ships, which was quite refreshing compared to some of the less polite posts I’ve seen from that fandom, the others were about the norm of what you get from shippers when they speak on their NOTP. Thus, I’ve decided to present my own thoughts and opinions in regard to the various Nico Robin pairings with as much objectivity as I can.

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One Piece 17th Anniversary: 6 - Relationships

So many interactions happen in One Piece, from deep friendships to venomous rivalry, from friends to enemies. And the most popular are those between the Straw Hats - their relationships are precious <3 But the one that’s most important to me is the sweet rivalry between the certain love cook and one hopeless lost marimo-head. I love these two! Yes, they are my OTP but I mainly ship them specifically because of their crazy relationship. From opening, movies, specials to regular anime episodes and fillers, Zoro and Sanji just can’t stop fighting. And I choose the anime version because I can see and hear them bickering and it just makes my day every time they interact. So I can’t really figure it out how can someone say “They hate each other!” I can talk all day long about them and how they deeply respect each other, despite all the conflicts they have. I ship them mainly because of their brother-like silly conflicts. It’s the mind of a fangirl/shipper that chooses to ship them deeply or not. ;)