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Inspiring women [2/?]: Viola Davis

“The black artist cannot live in a revisionist place. The black artist can only tell the truth about humanity. Humanity is messy. People are messy. Caucasian actors know that. They understand that. They understand that when you bring a human being to life you show all the flaws as well as the beauty. We, as African American artists, are more concerned with image and message and not execution. Which is why every time you see our images they’ve been watered down to a point where they are not realistic at all. It’s like all of our humanity has been washed out. We as artists cannot be politicians. We as artists can only be truth tellers.”

ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Awards - Aja Naomi King’s Inspiring Speech on Overcoming Self-Doubt

“I’m struggling with seeing these possibilities because my own inner critic, with his full belly and swollen mouth is eating up all my joy and belief in myself trying to trick me into thinking that I’m not worthy.

But in order for me to survive in this industry and in this world, in order for me to thrive, I have to stop believing that the root of my talent is a tree growing in someone else’s yard, as if the fruit it bears doesn’t belong to me.

We are living in a world where we watch our culture being consumed and are left starving for ourselves…and I don’t want to be hungry anymore.

My inner critic is strong, but I know that I am stronger.