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ok what's your top 5 zoro and sanji moments/interactions?

[choked screaming at the back of my throat]

the quick answer for this is every single time they interact and breathe near each other but if i have to pick top five:

1. zou arc, luffy’s “i know you’re all worried about sanji, aren’t you?”. this moment is a cinematic masterpiece. zoro stumbling with his words, accidentally saying kick instead of cut because he’s thinking about sanji. zoro listening in but pretending not to. luffy seeing through the whole thing. i still can’t believe that panel wasn’t from a doujin

2. davy back fight arc, groggy fight. this is the first one piece manga that i picked up and read and i fell in love instantly. they came up with an attack together without even having to say a word to each other. that’s Shonen Gay 101

3. alabasta arc, this one moment when they protected vivi together from an attack which is text book Power Couple Aesthetic™. “two seconds is enough”

4. enies lobby arc, the moment throughout the crash-landing/breaking into enies lobby. them bickering as if they weren’t being attacked by marines, zoro teasing sanji by calling him Pirate B, “walls? I don’t see any walls in front of us” [proceeded to break down the wall together]

5. skypiea arc, they have so many quiet moments in this arc (building the campfire together, sitting side by side during dinner, etc) but my most favorite part is this soft exchange between them

Davy Back Fight Arc

Foe: Foxy the Silver Fox

Manga: Chapters 303-321

The anime more games during the Davy Back Fight.

The anime has the crew meet Kuzan (Admiral Aokiji) on a different island. There is also another nomad on this island for some reason.

Anime: Episodes 207-219

The Straw Hat crew finally land in the ocean, and figure they need to make repairs to the Going Merry. Since  Usopp is not skilled enough, a shipwright is needed. They land of one of a ring of islands. Luffy goes exploring, and he is joined by Usopp and Chopper. They come across a lot of animals that are elongated and look strange. They discover a house with a very tall horse. Luffy attacks some bamboo and is surprised when a man falls down. The man thanks them and says he was stuck up there for a decade. He explains that the animals look so strange because they can be super relaxed on the island. They go into his house after the man is surprised that his horse remained on the island. When they inside his house to eat (food that has gotten rotten/moldy over ten years), his horse is shot. They go outside to find that a pirate, Foxy the Silver Fox has shot the horse and says that it belongs to him now and the only way to get it back is through the pirate game known as the Davy Back Fight. Luffy agrees to play three games, the winner of each game gets a crew member or the other group’s flag, which they can never sail under again. Before the games can begin the players for each game must be declared, and no substitutions can be made. The first game is racing around the island, which after major interference from the sidelines from the Foxy pirates, narrowly goes to the Foxy pirates since before the Straw Hat team (Usopp, Nami, and Robin) can cross the finish line, they slow down because of Foxy’s devil fruit ability, the Slow-Slow fruit. It allows him to fire beams that slow things down for thirty seconds. Since they lost, Chopper is forced to join the Foxy Pirates and the second game begins. Since Chopper was to play in the second game, a ball game where one of the players on each side is the ball, the Straw Hats only have Zoro and Sanji playing for them. After some difficulty and some more cheating from the Foxy pirates, Zoro and Sanji win by working together. Nami points out that if Luffy picks Foxy, they will automatically win the final game, Combat. The Foxy pirates are upset by this idea, but then Robin points out that Foxy would be on the Straw Hat crew, which means Nami’s proposal is rejected. The final game occurs on the Foxy pirate’s ship and is a boxing match where the first person out the match loses. Before the final game, Usopp helps Luffy and finds a wig with a special hairstyle, the Afro. Usopp convinces Luffy to wear the Afro saying it will make him more powerful. And so, the final game is an anything goes boxing game featuring Foxy the Silver Fox versus Afro Luffy. Luffy wins by using Foxy’s Devil Fruit abilities against him. As the final victor, Luffy takes their jolly roger and poorly draws them a new one. The crew go on (some more filler in the anime), and Robin is visibly shaken by a new face that belongs to a big shot at Marine Headquarters, Admiral Aokiji. He claims to only be going on a walk and the Marines were uncertain where Robin went, and he figured she went with the Straw-Hats and can confirm that now. Aokiji shows off his Devil Fruit powers of the Chilly-Chilly Fruit, which allows him to turn into ice and freeze anything. Zoro, Sanji, Robin, and Luffy face off against him and are frozen in some form or another, Luffy and Robin completely frozen.

Thoughts: While the initial set up is tough to get through, it is relaxing to see the crew interact before facing against CP9. The way Luffy wins against Foxy suggests that Luffy is not as dumb as he acts. Luffy’s loss against Aokiji motivates him to come up with more powerful moves, though those moves have severe drawbacks. The first appearance of a Marine Admiral, though a very lazy Admiral, shows that Luffy and crew need to become much stronger if they want to succeed on the Grand Line.

Sanji and Nami – Fights and danger

I always rant about how Oda seems to put emphasis on Nami when it comes to Sanji, which is also one big reason for me thinking that Nami is in fact special to him. I decided to make a post that goes through their fights specifically and how often there seems to be some type of connection to the other person in their fights. Of course it’s not the case in all fights, but still there is a considerable amount, especially from Sanji’s side. I also bring up some other instances when the other person is in danger which I find interesting from a story-telling point of view.

It’s super long (and it took a long time to make too) but I hope you’ll read it and like it anyway. ^^’‘

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LuffyxNami interactions part 16

61) Nami stays quiet while everyone tries to argue with Luffy and only interferes when he hits close to home for her too (remember how she Also sacrificed herself so nobody in her village would have to die anymore)

62) She looks serious along with the others when Luffy reveals the truth about Vivi

63) Nami learned a new thing about Luffy. Luffy is Offended, lol

64) Nami scolds Luffy for shouting in the casino, along with Usopp, but then both of them shout as well. Zoro points that out.

65) Nami brags about Luffy to Croc (and also is secretly foreshadowing heh)

66) Then she shows her trust, or maybe is trying to reassure Vivi and herself

67) When they see a sand storm in the distance, Nami’s reaction is in the center, She says his name..

68) She is centered again, when Luffy tells them he will defeat Crocodile. This time looking proud.

69) She sees Crocodile flying in the sky and is incredibly happy with the others

70) Even though she stands far away, she is later shown lying right next to Luffy’s leg. Seems like she walked closer to him, before falling down

Also, doesn’t that remind you of This? Simmilar focus points. :)

71) She scolds him for acting happy go lucky after he had such a high fever

72) And then, is surprised how fast he counted his meals

73) And scolds him some more, at the party table, lol

74) Famous happiness punch. All of the guys, except for Chopper have blood under their noses later too, which confirms Luffy’s reaction was Not a mistake

75) Luffy, seeing how Nami is upset, offers her some of his food (pretty unusual to a greedy Luffy)

76) Luffy reacts to Nami’s words

77) Nami stops him from shouting at Vivi. She sees how upset he is, so she quietly holds her hand on his back.

And that’s it for Now. Next arcs - Davy back fight And Skypea - another favorite of mine when it comes to LuNa. :)

Since people have been sending me unpopular opinions recently, I now want to say some of my own!

-I think the anime version of Luffy and Coby at the beginning of the story is better than the manga

-The music for the anime is extremely underrated 

-I actually hate anything to do with the Davy Back Fight (save for Afro Luffy)

-Sky Island was not a pointless arc

-Reiju has not been redeemed at all and while I love her as a character, it seems everyone has forgotten how incredibly selfish and flawed she is

-Pudding isn’t that bad of a character

-I wanted more of a flashback for Big Mom. I felt it was way too short and I would have loved to see HOW she built her enormous family and where it started

-Some aspects of the 4kids dub are actually good

-It irks me to no end when people refer to Hancock as ‘Boa’

-I think the Arlong Arc is one of the best arcs in the series

-While I enjoy the little references Oda does with his chapters, I would much rather prefer better pacing than references (looking at you Dressrosa)

-I don’t hate the look of Gear Fourth nor do I think it looks stupid

-Gear third is incredibly underwhelming 

-I get incredibly frustrated when I’m reminded of Chopper’s bounty

-Injuries have no meaning in the story and it bothers me

-The anime doesn’t have to be passed onto another anime company for it to be good. Toei has produced good stuff, they just need to get their asses into gear again (they’ve been doing it with DBS, they can do it with OP)

-The cartoon style of early OP never bothered me and I don’t understand why the artistic style should determine how good the story is 

-People in the fandom don’t understand the difference between bad animation and bad art and it annoys me with a passion

Hi everyone :) Forgive me for messing up your dash again with another long post (those of you who hate long posts please continue scrolling ;_;) and as usual, it is about zosan dynamics (I apologize if there were any of you who expected anything different from me XD), with what I believe a slightly interesting angle. I think among zosan fans, there is this impression that Zoro’s more holding back than Sanji is when it comes to acknowledging each other and as a result, it is always Sanji who looks to Zoro for his acknowledgement. While I’m not necessarily trying to argue that this theory is not true, I’ve found quite a lot of incidents where Zoro initiates cooperation with Sanji first, or gives subtle hints that he has strong faith in the cook’s power and judgmental skills. Let’s take a look at those cute moments one by one, shall we? 

We’ll start off with this little scene back in Skypiea. Zoro’s asking Sanji about the mantra their opponents used, and Sanji’s casually replying him without any snark. What I find interesting here is that although Luffy and Usopp also witnessed mantra, Zoro still chose Sanji as the one who’d answer his question. Of course, it could be because Sanji’s sitting closest to him and he might have been the one to first mention about the enemy’s ability, but I think Zoro spoke to Sanji because he is unconsciously aware that the cook is the right person to get info from when it comes to fighting strategies. Note that this is before their teamwork in the Davy Back fight, meaning that they were used to sharing intel with each other even before then.

Now, this is one of the most monumental zosan moments so I won’t go into much detail here, but I just wanted to point out that it was Zoro who actually asked help from Sanji, not vice versa. He’s making it sound like he’s ordering Sanji around but you can clearly tell that he really needs help XD Maybe there’s no point in endowing significance on who asked for help first, since both of them were pretty much thinking the same thing, but Zoro really does ask for Sanji’s assistance quite often even after Davy Back, as we’ll see.  

In hindsight, the fact that Zoro deigned to look back and talk to Sanji in this situation is quite amazing, because in this dire moment there was a very high possibility of Luffy having lost his life to Aokiji. Knowing how much loyal Zoro is to Luffy, he could’ve just sped past Sanji without giving him a second glance, thinking that he’s the only one strong enough to mentally prepare for what might lie ahead, but he never forgets to communicate with him even when their captain’s life is on the line. We don’t know what he’s yelling at Sanji (it could be something like ‘hurry up, you shitty cook!), but what’s important is that he is well-aware of Sanji’s presence behind him, and is expecting nothing less of him than to head together into what might be the gravest juncture of their adventure at this point. In other words, he’s acknowledging Sanji as his equal - the ‘other’ helping hand of their captain in the most difficult times, as well as the protector of the rest of the crew. I think their communication here is especially significant in that it is right after their teamwork in the Davy Back fight.   

I really like the Enies Lobby arc because it’s so ripe with zosan content (though that’s not the only reason why this arc is my favorite) - it’s as if Oda intentionally built up Zoro and Sanji’s relationship before it reached its climax in Thriller Bark. Anyway, in the panels above you can see that in both cases, it is Zoro who asks Sanji first if he is thinking along the same lines. When he asks Sanji if he has also noticed Luffy’s presence, he does nothing more than to simply call him, but the cook knows too well what the swordsman is implying with only that. I think Zoro noticed Luffy’s remote presence through something similar to kenbunshoku haki and if that is true, all the more reason to assume that Zoro thinks very highly of Sanji, since it means he thought Sanji’s sensing ability was on par with his. When Zoro decides to break through the building blocking their way he asks Sanji’s opinion again, and what’s really cute is that he knows what the cook’s answer is going to be, but he still talks to him anyway. They don’t openly communicate what their next move is going to be, but they do always give subtle hints to each other and that’s more than enough to synchronize their actions completely.    

Here, when you think about their usual character difference, don’t you think it should’ve been Sanji who sought for reassurance from Zoro, not vice versa? But quite surprisingly, Zoro is the first one to voice his denial of the possibility of Usopp’s death, and is shamelessly revealing how shaken he is in front of Sanji. Of course, his words could’ve been directed toward himself or Usopp, but I think it’s more likely that he was speaking to Sanji, because at that brief moment of utter shock, even Zoro was scared enough to desperately need someone to tell him that this wasn’t happening. This shows that in grave moments Zoro and Sanji can’t have the luxury to care about posturing in front of each other, but tries to depend on each other not only in terms of fighting but also in terms of how they cope with emotional distress. 

Again, Zoro’s the one who initiates their collaboration attack, and he’s darting toward Sanji swinging that massive pillar even when the cook hasn’t agreed with assisting him XD This is because Zoro’s confident that Sanji’s going to help him out anyway, and that he has more than enough leg power to catapult even such heavy weight into the air. He doesn’t forget to taunt the cook on the way though, knowing exactly what makes Sanji tick and bolsters him to give his best shot. But hnnnn Zoro, you’re already posing on Sanji’s foot as you tell him not to bother XDDD

I really like how Zoro hesitates for a second before he tells Sanji to pass the Pacifista to him, and how Sanji also doesn’t say anything for a moment, before calling out the swordsman on his stubbornness but doing what he told him to do anyway. Zoro was in a very bad condition due to the injury inflicted by Kuma, and to make matters worse, the Pacifista looks exactly like him - so here I think even Zoro was slightly afraid, showing a more humane side of our inhumanly strong swordsman. Another reason why I think Zoro hesitated is because he knows Sanji is going to be reluctant, that he’s asking a big favor from the cook. Sanji’s the only person who knows the reason behind Zoro’s injury (aside from Brook and Robin, but Zoro doesn’t know that they know), and he’s asking Sanji to deliver what may be the source of that traumatic injury onto him, when he is well-aware that the cook too was deeply shaken by what transpired at Thriller Bark. Still, I think he trusted Sanji to have faith in him, which is exactly what Sanji does because although he hesitates out of worry, he nevertheless kicks the Pacifista toward Zoro’s direction. 

Well, that’s all for now. In conclusion, I think it’s really fascinating how someone who is so full of pride as Zoro doesn’t hesitate to ask help first to whom he considers his rival, when their cooperation really does matter for the survival of the crew. I believe he actually enjoys having subtle conversations with the cook, as much as he enjoys calling Sanji names and riling him up. The same can be said for Sanji of course, but since Zoro is much more stoic than Sanji is, I think the cook deserves a lot of appreciation for just how much trust and respect he is able to pull out from the haughty swordsman. 

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Who thinks Skypiea Arc is useless?!?! Wtf? "I WAS HERE" + Poneglyph

I’ve seen SO many people say that Skypiea was boring, uninteresting and saying it was a useless arc which I don’t??? understand???

You’ve literally got:

  • Poneglyph/Find out Roger was there
  • All the gold which turned out to be 300 million berries, leading to drastic events in Water 7/Enies Lobby
  • The dials which is for both Usopp and Nami
  • Because of the gold/money they took, they basically got Franky out of it
  • Introduction of Observation Haki

I’ll never understand how it’s viewed as a pointless arc when so many things happened that contributed to the plot! If anything the most useless arc in OP (that’s canon) is the Davy Back Fight which I fucking despise