A Thick Dossier

This is so fantastic that I can’t let it languish in PMs (and it will, with the author’s permission, be used in our recruitment thread). Enjoy this IC mission plan by SoL member Davvi.

Set atop Squink’s desk is a rather thick dossier; a neatly bound compilation of type-written pages, photograms, schematics and maps, detailing a prospective mission into Gnomeregan.

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When you step inside from an amazing day’s activities amid the snow, ice and spendour of Europe’s last wilderness, warmth is the commodity your body and soul most longs for.

And warmth is exactly what you will be met with at the Davvi Arctic Lodge, a simple hotel steeped in local charm and character. An open fire blazes in the hotel’s cosy lounge, while the warmth of the welcome provided by the staff will soon have your cheeks glowing with pleasure.

It’s time to kick off those heavy layers of clothing and relax by the glow of the flickering fireside, perhaps with a glass of wine, a coffee or a warming brandy, while hungrily anticipating dinner.