My Future on YouTube … response

I felt compelled to respond to Emkwan’s article that was posted a short while ago here : http://emkwan.tumblr.com/post/45979538951/my-future-on-youtube

Having been a YouTube video producer myself for almost seven years (at the time of writing this post), I see a lot of YouTubers come and go. Emkwan, whom is a good friend, has stuck by the platform, producing tech reviews and more recently very insightful & enjoyable vlogs. 

He is right in saying that a lot of work goes into video production. And when you have everyday life to handle as well, working, eating, socialising, sleeping, etc, getting that life balance right is very important.

Vlog style videos have always been very popular. Giving viewers inquisitive nature an insight into ones daily life is interesting and very personable. As you follow a YouTubers story it allows you to connect. In both my own vlog videos and those produced by Emkwan, you can instantly see that the content is more relaxed and sometimes easier to watch than a tech review. My strong belief is that you should enjoy what you do… that is the best advice I can give all of you.

Support your fellow YouTubers… be sure to subscribe to both Emkwan and my own vlog channels (linked below) and have an amazing day.

Emkwan http://www.youtube.com/emkwantv/
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