Random DavLis Headcanons:

(For those who don’t know, DavLis is the ship name for Lisa X David. ⬆)

• They definitely started out as friends who grew to like each other as more than that.

•Remember in LifL when David cleaned Lisa’s glasses with a squeegee? Well, not only does he keep that handy, but other things such as band-aids and Kleenex.

•Even though David scares easily (rewatch LifL), he knows that Lisa is very passionate about her experiments and will always support her

•If either one of them is upset about something, the other immediately asks what’s wrong

•They always hold hands at recess to protect each other from the “big kids”

•Every Monday morning, they ask each other how their weekend was

•In addition to being skilled in chemistry, David is also skilled in art, specifically coloring. If he wants to, he’ll give Lisa any drawings he’s colored.

•If Lisa’s lunch contains something special (some chocolate, a cupcake, soda, etc.) she will definitely share it with David

•If Lisa does anything that scares or upsets David (whether intentionally or not), she immediately feels guilty and tries to find ways to fix her mistakes

•David can’t help but wonder if Lisa would still like him even if he wasn’t a genius

•Even though David knows how to read, Lisa prefers to read to him

•When it’s nap time, the two of them try to take naps next to or at least near each other

•So far, they don’t have any friends besides each other

•If Lisa gets to school before David, she’ll always make sure that his microscope and test tubes are clean and ready to use. The same thing happens if David arrives before Lisa

•If David feels Lisa is doing something that can harm herself or anyone else, he’ll stop her

•During class, no matter what they’re doing, Lisa will always grab David’s hand. He likes it

•This is how they greet each other:
- “Greetings David”
- “Good morning Lisa”

•When it’s time to pack up and leave, they both always make sure they have everything they need

•This is how they bid farewell:
- “Goodbye, my dear. See you tomorrow”
- “Goodbye, darling. Have a good night”
- Sometimes they hug, sometimes they don’t

“Do we have nicknames for each other? Yeah… this is going to start so much havoc. I recently named him David Ten-inch.” She added: “I have no basis or grounds for calling him that. I just find it funny.” David, the tenth actor to play the Doctor, calls Billie “Carlos Carlos”. She explained: “We think Carlos is such a funny name, so I like to use it twice. And we choose names for each other’s trailers. At the moment Desmond Tutu is on mine and I put Lavinia on his.” - Billie Piper