Nyssa grumbling about humans
  • Nyssa grumbling about humans
  • Boy that Time Forgot

The Boy That Time Forgot (BF #110) is the middle audio of the Doctor & Nyssa’s Victorian trilogy, and I can never decide whether I love it or loathe it. I’ll explain after the spoiler-cut.

The clip above brings out one of the unusual facets of Nyssa: she’s not human, despite appearances, and she views humanity from outside. Also, depending on the scriptwriter, she truly appreciates the Doctor’s gift of travel, and her scientific curiosity trumps her irritation at his erratic navigation skills.

I love Bea and Rupert, the Victorian guest characters in this story, and I’m fascinated although not quite convinced by the scorpion-and-spider civilization. I think it’s a good story. On the other hand, I sometimes refuse to accept this audio as canon.

Nerdy things:  ”Nyssa… that is brilliant!" — the Doctor after she comes up with a way back from Earth’s distant past, after they’ve lost the means he used to strand them there.

Author:  Paul Magrs, who also wrote The Wormery, among others.

nyssa stories #24              Year: 2008

Okay, now for spoilers

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What do you know, Getty Images has a wee cache of B&W Doctor Who images (noncommercial use only, of course).


Please choose your own favorite way to describe these gifs:

  • The Tenth Doctor putting on the Fifth Doctor’s coat
  • David Tennant putting on Peter Davison’s Doctor’s coat
  • David Tennant putting on his father-in-law’s coat
  • A Doctor Who fan putting on the coat belonging to one of his favorite Doctors
  • Father of The Doctor’s Daughter putting on the coat belonging to the father of The Doctor’s Daughter
  • Complete Doctor Who coat awesomeness

"The calculations alone would take hundreds of years!"

"Oh, hundreds and hundreds…"

"…but don’t worry, I started a very long time ago."

"You might say, I’ve been doing this all my lives!"

The Day of the Doctor - 2013

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Here’s my little fan-edit of that spine-tingling Doctors Assemble! scene from The Day of the Doctor.