Hugs Galore after France’s Davis Cup doubles win over Belgium to put France 2-1!

I’m happy that I won for [Nico], for the guys on the bench that couldn’t play today. In the last game, he told me, ‘you play one kick serve’. I did it at 15-0, did an amazing ace, so I told him afterwards… You were not playing, but you were with me on the court’.Pierre-Hugues Herbert on Nico Mahut


Dear youngest Federer,

By the time you are old enough to understand this, your father won’t be the player he once was. So this is for you, from those of us who were there,just to tell you who he was.He was a champion like tennis had never seen. He was like a page out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue. He was so graceful-he made ballet dancers want to burn their shoes. He was fast, but not so you’d notice.He was powerful, but, like a Ferrari, not a forklift.They all came at him, and they all fell to him, major after major, year after year. Your father dominated his sport the way avalanches dominate trees. And yet he was so humble and decent that it became no shame to lose to him. In fact, it became a kind of honor. To lose to Roger Federer meant you were woven into the fabric of sports history.And what a history he wrote. You’ll read about it someday – it will shock you. But his finest moment might have been a sun-splashed Sunday at Wimbledon, when he passed the record held by Pete Sampras record for majors with 15. Some thought we might not ever see that day.Thought he’d be passed by younger, bulkier models. But they were wrong. Gods do not get passed.This August, you will come along and tennis will be less important,majors will become minor, trophies will become teething rings,and your father’s perfect life, will, somehow, get even better. [x]