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Black Mirror’s episode San Junipero is a fucking masterpiece

OKAY this was by far one of the most joyous and heartfelt hours of television that i have ever seen. San Junipero, if you have not heard of it yet, is one of the episodes of the anthology series Black Mirror (which has a special place in my heart because it’s equally thought provoking and fucked up). What makes this hour of television stand out the most is it has the best bi representation I have ever seen. Firstly Kelly is Bi and proud of it. She is very confident in her sexuality, to the point when Yorkie attempts to ask her when she knew she liked girls, Kelly emphasizes that she likes boys too. An important fact to know about Kelly is that she was married to a man and this was a marriage of genuine love, not a closeted marriage. Which is another thing that was fucking beautiful, because Kelly admits that she had crushes on girls through out the years but she never acted on them because she was happily in love. Kelly is the perfect bi representation because she is sure of her sexuality, she is not “confused” and she is overwhelming human and flawed. So TV writers, take note. Because this is how you write Bi characters.

Listen, if we don’t get a second season of Eyewitness, I’m gonna hire all of you and we make Season 2 ourselves

-it’s literally just ten episodes of everyone being happy
-Helen and Gabe are still super in love, the greatest foster parents ever and like three episodes are just dedicated to montages of cute family moments
-Gabe is awarded the Father of the Year award. I just invented it but Gabe is definitely the winner
-Philip and Lukas are In Love™ and everyone knows and everyone loves them
-no seriously they’re this one cute annoying couple that’s always cuddling and always makes heart eyes at each other everywhere while everyone’s like GET A ROOM but they’re secretly really jealous
-it’s all just giggling and cheek kisses and cooking breakfast together and Lukas telling Philip his stomach hurts and Philip making Lukas ten more playlists. Cue another scene of them riding off into the sunset together. Or ten scenes. There is also at least one Skam reference in every episode.
-Kamilah gets a cute girlfriend and they raise the baby together. One episode is just her kicking ass like the badass cop she is. She is loved by everyone.
-Tony is promoted because he deserves the entire world and we have several scenes of just him smiling. Literally just Tony being happy and nothing else
-Tony and Helen are best friends and we dedicate an entire episode to them doing best friend stuff
-they go to the cinema and throw popcorn at other people
-Helen gives Tony all the fist bumps he wants
-we occasionally have bittersweet moments of remembering Anne and Sita. No one remembers Ryan. Who’s Ryan. I don’t know no one gives a shit

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: so what was the original ain't it fun video like?? why did paramore decide to cut it? what didn't they like about it? is it completely different than the one we have now? was it more serious or was it as fun? was there a plot? why did hayley have blue braids was that like crucial to the video?? would we have liked that one better??? i love the one we got but still i see those photos from the original video and i just?????