all this watching yuri on ice has got me on a horrible ice skating spiral on youtube, but this - this is the one dance i can watch forever and eternity

it’s sheer perfection

animate this, YOI animation team. for all that is good and wonderful in this world, animate this

ps. if anyone can link me or tell me who the singer/what the song is, i would love them forever, i have been chasing this goddamn song down for years without success

“‪It makes me hopeful to see the general (non-skating!) public’s positive comments about the Shibs’ short dance at U.S. Nationals. I didn’t see a single comment about how their music wasn’t right or eww a sibling team. Most people (both young AND old) seemed overwhelmingly positive, amazed, and inspired. Many really liked the combination of Jay-Z and Sinatra! I am hoping this bodes well for our American ice dance teams in Pyeongchang. They’re been overlooked for so long even after D/W’s win!”

I’ve always found Meryl and Charlie to be probably the most exciting ice dance team I have ever watched.

The ending of Notre Dame de Paris where they lunge towards each other on one knee and grip onto each other as they fly across the ice is probably the key moment that made me fall in love with ice dance (what did I get myself into lol)

If skating existed in a bubble, I would have loved to have seen Davis/White come back. Just to see another competitive program from them. When you’re between competitions and the team has been out for a while you can forget the realities of them being in the belly of the beast.

But it doesn’t exist in a bubble and they made the right decision for themselves and they also acted in the best interests of their country’s skating program. It would have been hard to watch Hubble/ Donohue’s well earned Olympic spot be taken from them.

Meryl and Charlie have nothing more to prove. I couldn’t imagine a better exit than their perfect Olympic FD off the back of two undefeated seasons.

It’s been fun watching them grow and change in the years they have been away from competition. In particular Meryl, who has surprised me in how outgoing and vivacious she has become.

But seriously, I just wish there was still a professional competitive circuit where we could see retired skaters on competition sized ice, skating full programs 🙁

Plus I don’t know how I’d go with two faves in competition - it’s exhausting enough having WeaPo in the fray! I think I’d have a mental breakdown! It’s fun following retired skaters on the show circuit because there’s no drama - just lots of cool instagrams and videos – and no judging!!! 😎😎🥂

“When it comes to top skaters who are training mates, they were normally like Yagudin & Plushenko or like Tessa/Scott & Meryl/Charlie. They didn’t really like each other. That’s why I think everyone is so into Yuzuru & Javier’s friendship, because it’s so uncommon.”


In honor of the two year anniversary of the Season 18 finale of Dancing with the Stars, I wanted to post a few pictures from my favorite moment of the finale and really the entire season! 

THIS was perfection! The last photo has always been my favorite! You could just tell that Meryl and Charlie were happy to be back where they belonged with each other as partners!