Never Forget.

davidwknight replied to your post “Bummed”

Dude, theoretical physics is easier than figuring or how to bill for contract work. As Merlin says, think up a really high number, multiply it times three, and then realize you’re still not making enough.

And I almost went that route, but even though I am not originally from the Midwest I have that wonderful Midwest trait of thinking I am worth far less than I really am.

Add to that the fact that I have effectively been working in a vacuum for months and have no peers in my industry to interact with at my current job, and my estimates of what I am worth go in to the toilet. At this point I am pretty much convinced I am terrible at what I do and no one has figured it out yet, so the idea of asking for anything close to what I should seems like I am stealing from people.

I probably should listen to some of Merlin’s podcasts. I don’t know why I haven’t yet.