Where's Ngabo?

One of the most common questions asked on my video is:

“Where’s Ngabo?”

For those of you who don’t know, there was a guy that was in my earlier videos that has not been present in the more recent ones. So where is he?

Ecuador… The playah is in ECUADOR.

Ngabo left to serve in the peace corp for two years shortly after his graduation at UC Davis and is still there serving today.

Probably to no ones surprise, Ngabo is actually my best friend. Funny enough, I hate the coinage of the term best friend, but for this boy it’s an exception.

(Just to put it out there, I never called him that first, he said it to me LOL.)

One of the things I was so unsure of growing up, was who my friends were. For me, people came in and out my life and because of that I rarely carried my heart on my sleeve. In fact, I was made fun of so much I used to wonder if I had any friends in the first place. I seemed to be the butt of a lot of my friends jokes which later caused me to develop a quick wit and a sharp tongue.

To no ones surprise, I was never the popular kid, I was never the fly dude with the fresh kicks and fits, but what I was was different. Different in ever sense of that word, I did not belong. During my early teens I had no idea who my real friends were or if I even had real friends to begin with.

Then, I met Ngabo. He denies this, but he forced his African ass into my life and though i hated it then, I am eternally grateful for it now. Meeting Ngabo has been one of the biggest blessing in my life and through him I gained a friend and a brother.

Why is he my best friend you ask?

1. He is critical of me.
2. He tells me when I’m wrong, WHEN I AM WRONG.
3. He has helped me better myself as a human being.
4. He challenges me.

Most importantly…

5. He has been there for me through thick and thin and has never questioned reaching out to help me when I needed him the most.

Without his friendship, brotherly love, support, and guidance I would not be here.

I told him before he left to Equador and I will be damned if I don’t fulfill this promise:

“By the time you come back, I swear that I’mma be a somebody.”

I don’t like breaking promises and I don’t plan on starting with this one.


“ I thik everybody likes watching Justin Bieber fuck up”

- David So

Critique of David So's "Let Me Touch Your Fro" Skit


So I made a comment on the youtube video and judging from the other comments about Khalif’s abs, it was a bit too dark for some of the viewers haha. But I just wanted to add to my thoughts on the skit :)

I thought that the video was very funny and added to a lot of David’s recent work of ghosts, boogie-man and supernatural phenomenons. Keeping with the theme, it was shot like a horror film.

So here is my critique… 


I like to think that the skit is about Khalif having a mental breakdown after he kills David. Khalif was fed up with having his personal space violated by people constantly asking to touch his fro. His rage reaches a boiling point where he can’t take it any more and explodes in a fit of violence. He threatens David but David attempts to touch his fro anyway. The slap at 1:46 kills David and Khalif enters a stated of psychological trauma.

The bedroom is akin to Khalif’s psyche. As he “opens the door” to the room we see David for the first time since his death. He is now a figment of Khalif’s imagination. This explains David’s apparent ability to appear in and out of his room. David’s last unfulfilled wish was to touch Khalif’s fro. Khalif consciously knows that he cannot satisfy his friend’s wish and haunted by it. “Let me touch your fro”  

Khalif questions his consciousness and asks himself “what is going on man?” only to have David reappear in his room. Khalif tries to remove David from his thoughts “kicking him out of the room” for a second time.       


After the disposal of David’s body. Khalif tries to cleanse himself (both figuratively and literally) thinking that would stop the images of David haunting him. The trauma is still there, Khalif is physically disturbed even before David appears behind him.

Again Khalif tries to rationalise with himself saying, “calm down I know this is just a dream”. In a futile attempt to “sleep it off”, Khalif confronts David asking him, “how do you keep getting in here?” Khalif’s guilty conscience reminds him that David will forever haunt him, “Look, just let me touch your fro and it will all be over”. Khalif tries to escape but screams as David appears in the back seat (in the past) and in-front of him (in the future).


Three years have passed, Khalif now live among the people of Congo. Khalif has seeked refuge in Congo because he is the main suspect in the murder of David. Khalif remains a mysterious figure to the native people, including African Bach. He does not speak of the past and has buried it deep within his psyche.  When African Bach tries to ask for Khalif’s motives for going to Congo he answers that he needed to escape from something. African Bach realises that there is more to it than that and adds, “something… or someone?” Khalif’s weak attempt to keep the memories buried, triggers Khalif’s conscience to reawaken the image of David… and ends with the chillin’ words



Dude. I love this man.

Mah celebrity crush. Damn.

It's Funny

It’s Funny.

When people chase fame, I always want to see how far they get in their careers.

What’s it feel like?

It’s the ultimate pat on the back that gives you that feeling of glory and affirmation. When you’re famous you are praised and everything you’re doing is right and worth it. You are seen as an elite compared to the average joe and you feel worthy of that praise. This is how it feels right?


I love youtube, but it seems youtube has exposed every single thirsty fame hugger out into existence. It seems that fame is chased rather than goals and I will tell you this:


Why? Because you have nothing to offer but your desperation and it shows. Those of you who wish to be famous and praised for the sake of fame you’re not going anywhere.

Why? Because the insincerity in your art form shows through your weak resolve. You’re content lacks a backbone and you’re viewers aren’t stupid. There’s no truth and no character behind what you do. 

WHy? Because you want to be praised and glorified for a skill you do not have. Your content is based off of other people’s hard work and you expect to skate by as a carbon copy of someone who is great at what THEY do. You lack integrity.

Why? You work hard at being noticed but nothing you do deserves the attention you desire. You have not honed your craft and your content does not come from a real place so the foundation in which you think you’ll grow upon is weak. 

Why? Your focus is misguided. Your focus is to be famous when it should be to improve your craft, skill, and art.

I live by this mantra:


Your right to fame is given because you DESERVE the attention from the empire you built with your bare hands. I give a shit less about the attention I get from people but care about the people who appreciate the art and effort I put into my art form.  

One of the many reasons I work hard  is because I want to make people laugh.

I want to make people laugh because there are times when you feel the world hates your very existence. I want you to laugh because however fucked up it seems, laughing just might be the only thing that’ll make your life feel worth living. I want you to laugh so for that one moment your laughing your ass off from the stupid stories/mistakes that i’ve made in my life, you forget all the fucked up bullshit you have to go through on a daily basis.

I was that fat, childish, ugly, bullied, poor, fucked up, didn’t fit in, never knew who my friends were lost and angry kid that needed to laugh. I made jokes cause it hid everything I hated about myself but put a smile on someone else’s face who might have felt the same way I did everyday.

My laughter came from knowing I can make someone forget just for one moment that they felt like shit. 

This is only a fraction of what my foundation is made up of.

It’s funny.

People ask me what it’s like to be famous and I always respond with the same answer:

“I Don’t know. But I’ll let you know when I am.”


Made you laugh… :)


I am the devil. 

It’s that time again, and this time, I shall somon satan to your house. But as always, thank you for following me! 감사합니다! 사랑해 C: It’s me, oneloveexolovers, btw. ^^

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To be honest I hate Diets! 

It’s so much easier to eat a balanced diet then go through a quick fix it diet plan. Problem is, concepts of proper dieting and nutrition is constantly changing every day.

1.) Paleo
2.) Atkins
3.) More whole grains
4.) No grain
5.) No Carbs



Vlog 63: Duke Racist Rager party

Ignorance is always used as an excuse for racism and I’m sorry, it’s not enough. That’s all I have to say.


Vlog 66: Single ain’t ready to mingle!

In all honesty this vlog delves into a bit of my past relationships. I would like to say that only I’ve experienced such things but any guy that has been in a handful of failed relationships knows what I’m talking about.

Next week: for the ladies!


David So Ft. Paul Kim - Just Friends

This is a cover one of my favorite songs from Musiq Soulchild. If you don’t know this classic…


I’m pretty sure you all picked up in the beginning where Paul said, “It’s that summer time feel good music." 

I was going to release this track 7 months ago but my ankle was obliterated so i couldn’t record a video so I just sat on the track. As it turns out, ankle is still damaged so why wait to release and let the hard work go to waste?

I’m not going to lie, recording this track was H A R D. Why? For some reason recording in a studio with headphones and a mic is a lot more difficult than doing it live. I think it’s because you hear all the mistakes via headphone and playback that messes up your game. On top of that, when you record a track you really have to pay attention to tempo and pitch. You would be surprised at how difficult and complicated the melodies are in some fo your favorite songs. Lesson learned.

Enjoy and I hope you all dig this track!


Real Life Stories: Diarrhea Song

I’ve always wanted to share my life stories  but never knew how to do it in a way that I thought all of you might appreciate. So, I’ve finally decided to do it through…


I was reminded of this flashback bowel movement when my roommate was talking about a similar experience that happened to him LOL. Thought I was the only one that went through shit like this. (pun intended)

Life stories are better shared than kept to yourself.  What may have been embarrassing then is hilarious now, so why not share the hot mess that is my life with all of you?

To the girl that remembers this, I know you were thinking about using this as blackmail one day but…


I have no shame, I am a comedian, and I can embarrass myself without your help. (As i type this I realize I’m dying on the inside.)

There’s a lot more to come my friends. Here’s a bit of advice, when you feel bad about your life…



People’s Hater #3:

Growing up I’ve always been a loud mouth and it has always been a double edged sword.  On one hand I could tell off just about anybody, on the other hand it would always get me in trouble.

I would always one up someones insult and take it a little further than I should. For example:

Kid: David you’re fat…

Me: Your daddy left you….

Kid: ( runs away crying…)

The main positive of being able to always say what was on my mind is that i never held anything in. What i felt at the moment, was felt, what I wanted to say was said, and i never regretted any of it. I dealt with my emotions on the spot so thoughts of regret rarely ever crossed my mind.

Apparently, not everyone is like that.

I feel a lot of people who have been wronged in the past hold in a lot of angst and emotion that they have felt for years because they never had a proper cathartic moment that allowed them to move on.

In other words: When you got something on your mind, SAY WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND.

Walking around with what ifs and anxiety because you never dealt with an emotion or situation for years is stupid. You have something to say? SAY IT. DEAL WITH IT. MOVE ON.

My cousin gave me the idea for the People’s Hater and it’s a way for me to help those of you who have trouble expressing how you feel.

Let me verbalize your anger and layeth the smackdown for you so you can MOVE THE FUCK ON WITH YOUR LIFE.


If your story didn’t get selected this time submit it again because there is more to come. If not make your own vid and let LOOSE YA ANIMAL. You’ll feel better, trust me.