it’s national best friend day so of course I had to make this post, these are my favourite football friendships💗💗. (of course my absolute faves are first)


Request: David Luiz imagine where he’s introducing your son to PSG and the Brasil national team?

David Luiz Imagine

You woke up to crying and walked into the next room and cradled your baby. You had just given birth about a week ago and today was going to be the day you take him to be introduced to the whole PSG team. Thiago, Cavani and Thiago’s wife, Isabele, had been all been there waiting to see the baby, so now it was the rest of the team’s turn to meet baby Enzo Gabriel. Once you got him to calm down, you got ready and dressed Enzo in something to keep him warm, then headed out with David.

You got to the practice and you waited for David to get ready, then walked through the tunnel. Once you walked out, you saw everyone and Zlatan was the first to look in your direction. He got everyone else’s attention and they all walked to you. By now, Enzo was wide awake and just stared at everyone while they all took his baby hand. Zlatan asked to carry him and you handed him Enzo. He started passing Enzo around to the other players and they were all so excited to hold him. You laughed and looked at David who seemed like the happiest person in the world.

After a while, the coach came over to see what was going on and Laurent Blanc walked over, then saw the baby and smiled. He took hold of Enzo and told everyone to get back to practice. You stood with Laurent for a while while you spoke of the baby. “Are you taking him to Brazil next week?” “Yes, i want my parents to see him since they weren’t able to make it to his birth.” “I’d hate to be sitting next to you.” You laughed and said “He’s very calm so i don’t think it will be a problem.” “That’s what they all say.”

He glanced back and said “I think the rest of the wags want to meet him.” You looked over and saw all of them staring, then laughed. Laurent sighed and said “Take Enzo to meet them. I need to watch these… I don’t even know what to call them anymore.” You laughed and said “good luck, you’ll need it.” He smiled and you made your way to the Wags. You saw them smiled as you went through the tunnel to get around to the stands. You got to them and they all got up and crowded around you. You laughed as they all “awed” at him. You all walked to the seat and the girls took turns passing him around. They kids that were there just stared and some of them were sat down to hold Enzo in order to assure that they wouldn’t drop him or fall.

“Are you tired?” “Somewhat. I’m just trying to adjust to his schedule right now.” “With the crying and the feeding and the changing?” “Yeah, he’s very demanding. I’m just blessed with the fact that he doesn’t cry a lot.” “Trust me, i know the feeling.” You all just kept on talking until after the practice. You all headed out and you and David went home, then you put Enzo to sleep.

*later that week”

You had just finished packing your things and went to get ready. You walked downstairs and saw David waiting for you with Enzo. You smiled and took your bag and Enzo and walked to the car. You opened the back door and put Enzo in his seat, then put your bag in the back. David was out putting some of the bags in the back as well, so you went up and got the rest of the bags and locked the house, remembering to set up the alarm system, then went back to the car and left for the airport. You boarded the jet and you were on your way to Sao Paulo.

Once the plane landed, David drove you to his parent’s house. When you arrived, you got to the living room and both of his parents as well as his sister hurried to you to hold Enzo. They all sat down on the couch and and just played with him. “Is it okay if i call my parents to come out?” “Of course sweetie.” You smiled at Regina and called your parents to come over. You walked back into the living room and Ladislau said “Are they on their way now?” You nodded and Isabelle said “Our cousins and aunts and uncles are coming over to see him.” You smiled and said “Knowing my parents, they’ll bring everyone as well.” You all laughed and you heard the doorbell.

You opened the door and everyone hurried in to see Enzo. One of David’s aunt smiled and said “Have you decided on the name?” Both you and David smiled and said “Enzo Gabriel (y/n) Marinho.” They all smiled and continued cuddling him and passing him around. You heard the doorbell go off again and went to go open the door and this time saw your family. They all smiled and greeted you, then went on inside to see Enzo. It turned into a little party and after everything, you and David decided to head over to your hotel.

The next day, you woke up and got ready with David for practice. You got Enzo ready and made sure to bundle him up since it was getting into mid-autumn. Once ready. You all headed out to the training grounds. You both walked in and you went to the stands while David went to practice. While in the stands, the wags and family members went over to you and kept asking about Enzo. After some minutes, you heard the guys getting closer. You turned and saw David with the guys behind him.

“(y/n), can you give me Enzo, the guys want to see him.” You smiled and said “Of course.” Isabele handed you Enzo and you gave him to David. The guys circled around and they all started talking about him. Then Neymar asked “Who’s going to be the godfather and godmother?” David turned to you and you smiled, telling him that it was okay to say it. “Thiago and Isabelle.”  “And where are you going to have him baptized?” “Here, in the church where my parents were married.” They nodded and then kept talking about the baby.

“Two weeks later.”

You were getting ready for Enzo’s baptism. You walked out and saw David ready and Enzo in his baptism gown and smiled, taking a picture of the two of them. You both headed to the church and walked in, greeting everyone you knew. As the baptism started, Thiago and Isabelle were called up and then the baptism was over. You looked out and saw everyone you cared of from both Paris and Brazil and you knew that your life was only going to get better.