Elyisian Brewing - The Great Pumpkin (@elysianbrewing)

Imperial Pumpkin Ale, 8.1% ABV

Damn, this was good. No… It was great. Some of these beers mask their status as a pumpkin ale, and it comes through as only a hint. The Great Pumpkin, thankfully, is not one of these beers. It has no shame. It recognizes what it is, which is very much heavy on the pumpkin, and completely owns it. It smells a lot like yams and fall spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, etc.), and the spice comes through beautifully while drinking. It also has a creaminess that, when paired with that spice, brings to mind pumpkin pie in the best way possible. When approached as dessert in a cup, this is a very good beer indeed.

David Celis


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