david184 asked:

what do you think of Sonic Robo Blast 2?

I like it a lot. 

This game is actually a bit nostalgic to me because I used to play it a lot around 10-12 years ago.

I’m glad it’s still being worked on even after all these years, and I checked the forum and there are still people actively posting stuff there. It’s really nice to see it still has an active community.

This is definitely the best Sonic fangame that I know of.

david184 asked:

you have really cute dogs!! what breed is it?

They’re both Schnauzers. They’re rescues as well. The little grey one was apparently originally kept in a household with small children who didn’t know how to handle a dog properly, so he’s got some touch and trust issues. The white one was the runt of whatever litter he was from so he’s got some development issues.

They have their problems, but they’re mine!

david184 asked:

How did you totally changed the look of the blog? you need premium for that?

Actually I just find a free theme, then heavily modify it! It’s not that hard, but since many people have been requesting it. I’ll give it out once I’m completely finished with it :) <3