Ale żeby tak na kogoś patrzeć, po prostu siedzieć, patrzeć i rozmawiać i nagle zorientować się, że to już rano? Kto teraz jeszcze miał czas i chęć, żeby przegadać całą noc? O czym mieliby rozmawiać? O cenach nieruchomości? Kiedyś z niecierpliwością oczekiwała na nocne telefony. Teraz dzwoniący w nocy telefon to wróżba wypadku. I czy naprawdę potrzebowali więcej zdjęć, gdy tak dobrze znali swoje twarze i mieli pełne pudła fotografii z ostatnich dwudziestu lat? Kto teraz jeszcze pisze długie listy i czy to wszystko naprawdę jest aż tak ważne?
—  David N i c h o l l s “Jeden dzień”

w-i-n-g-w-o-m-a-n  asked:

hey Maggie I noticed that in your acknowledgements you said thank you to you editor David Levithan. Is this the David Levithan that co-wrote "Will Grayson Will Grayson." Also good book!

Dear w-i-n-g-w-o-m-a-n,

That is, in fact the David Levithan who wrote Will Grayson Will Grayson with John Green and wrote Boy Meets Boy and Two Boys Kissing and Every Day and Love Is the Higher Law and The Lovers’ Dictionary and all sorts of other things on his own. He has been the editor for all of my books with Scholastic.



It had been a restless night, the first he’d spent in the room assigned to him after the wedding. Normally, he and his wife shared a bed. Unsurprisingly, the last thing David wanted to do that night was sleep next to Mary. Even so, the man had hardly winked throughout the night, the words she’d said echoing in his head again and again like a curse he could not get rid of. It ate him up, made him angry and sad all at once. He’d only found a resemblance to peace upon making a decision, which allowed him to catch mere two hours of sleep before the sun rose, and he with it. 

David’s demeanour was far from jolly when he walked into the room for breakfast, being faced with part of the Crawley family already at the table with freshly arrived newspapers and the fine delicacies to break their fast. Uncharacteristically, David’s appetite was rather weak on the present moment. He offers his in-laws a weak smile in greeting, hardly looks at Mary, and takes a seat besides Tom, who was all too quick to detect the tension surrounding him.  ❝  Everything alright?  ❞  Asked the Irishman in a murmur, to which David replied with a feigned, wider smile.  ❝  Absolutely.  ❞  He replies soundly, casting a momentary glance in his wife’s direction. 

Even he could admit there were certain advantages to inhabiting a household that was so very English. Though his lies were obvious and the tension between the couple could be cut with a knife, no one would ask. Prying was for foreigners, after all.  ❝  David,  ❞  Robert calls out, in a tone so light that one could only assume he’d either entirely missed what was going on or was simply choosing to ignore it altogether.  ❝  will you be joining us for the meeting today?  ❞  His eyes unconsciously are drawn to Mary, lingering upon her for a mere second before he turns his attention to his father-in-law.  ❝  No, actually, I won’t. I will be going to the train station right after breakfast, I haven’t seen my mother in a while and I thought it would be a good time to spend some days with her. It’s not my place to meddle in your family’s affairs, anyhow.  ❞  It is all stated matter-of-factly, followed by the lord bringing a tea cup to his lips and taking a generous sip from it. 

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