I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 24

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…

Chapter 24

It was a warm evening, and the last of the sun’s few rays danced across the parking lot, where the fences filled with walkers, shimmered in the late-summer haze.

Negan tugged Blake out here by the hand, dragging her over towards the high chain link fences, where several men in dirty clothes wrangled the dead, trying to goad them, as best they could, into position, while the blonde figure of Dwight stood by the gate watching them.

He glanced up as Negan and Blake approached.

Blake’s heart pounded.

Negan hadn’t stopped since they had left his hallway, coming all the way out here, never halting, not uttered a word to her. She could tell he was seething. But was he angry enough to feed her to the walkers up ahead?

She gave a worried frown suddenly tugging at his arm once again.

“Stop!” she uttered demandingly, in a loud, yelling voice of utter frustration, pulling her hand quickly away from his. “Stop

Negan suddenly paused on the dusty asphalt, and rounded on her, his already dark eyes blackening.

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Request: I read a news article and now I have a messed up but fluffy idea. Emma, Hook, Henry, Regina & snowing are out of Storybrooke in some city. While there they find Emma’s teenage daughter who’s forced into working as a prostitute, they find her after she tried to hire herself to one of the guys and they saw she looked like Emma and put 2 & 2 together. The gang rescue her from her pimp and she reunites and it’s fluffy and stuff.

“Regina, got a minute?” Hook asked, knocking on the door to the Mayor’s office.
Regina nodded, looking up from what she was working on. “Captain Guyliner. I suppose I can spare a minute.”
Hook walked into the room, shutting the door behind him, and checking that no one could hear. “We’re alone, right?”
Regina nodded, standing up. “Is everything alright?”
He smiled. “I have an idea. We need a break, let’s get out of Storybrooke for a while, all of us. Emma, Henry, me, you, and the Charmings.”
Regina tilted her head, with a small smirk. “What did you have in mind?”

A few weeks later, the six of them (baby Neal was with Granny), were finally out of Storybrooke, relaxing in a hotel. The girls had decided to have a spa day, and Henry had spent it gaming happily, glad not to have anything else on his mind.
Hook and Charming had decided to go out, walking around the town. It gave the two guys a chance to bond, and gave David a chance to threaten Hook with death if he ever hurt Emma.
At around nine in the evening, they decided that it might be time to get some food. They went into a take-out place and ordered for everyone, then David stayed inside waiting for the food, while Killian lost patience and went back outside, wandering down the street. He was walking past an alley when someone took him by the hand and pulled him into it, just off the street.
“Wanna have some fun?” A slight, pale, girl with long blonde hair asked, still holding him by the hand. She took his other hand, which was his hook, but she didn’t even flinch, and she swung the two hands between them flirtatiously.
Killian frowned, tilting his head and looking the girl up and down. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a guy sitting in a car, watching them. “How old are you, lass? And what’s your name?”
“How old do you want me to be?” She smiled, fluttering her eyelashes and stepping closer to him. She couldn’t keep up the act of confidence, however, and her eyes flicked over to the man, and for a split second, fear showed on her face.
Killian followed her gaze, and then rested his hands on her waist, leaning over her, shielding her from the man’s gaze. “Do you want to do this?” He whispered, and she shook her head with the tiniest of movements. “Wrap your arms around my neck.”
She did as he said, which made it look like they were kissing.
“I’m gonna get you out of here, okay? Is he gonna follow us?” He whispered, leaning back slightly.
“You can’t.” She whispered. “He put a tracker in my arm. Like in the Hunger Games.”
“I’m sure we can fix that.” He murmured, leaning back.
Just then, David walked past, and happened to glance into the alley. “Hook? What are you doing?”
“Just get back to the hotel, okay? I’ll join you in a minute.” Hook said, looking at David.
He nodded, and walked past.
Killian looked back down at the girl. “So how does this work?”
She glanced at the man in the car before nodding to herself and taking a deep breath. “Normally, they take me to wherever they’re staying, and once they’re done, they give me the money and call him, and he picks me up, and takes the money.”
Killian nodded, and gave the girl a reassuring smile. “So what’s your name, lass?” He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and walked out of the alley.
“They just call me Swan.” She said softly, trying to look like she was flirting with him.
Killian nodded, biting his lip gently. “Swan.” He said softly. “Nice to meet you.”

Not long later, Killian led you into a hotel, and up to a room. He’d introduced himself to you as Killian, deciding not to explain the whole ‘Captain Hook’ thing yet.
You hid behind Killian, a little shy, especially when you realised that there were five more people in the room. He shut the door, keeping a protective arm around you. “Hey, everyone. This is ‘Swan’. Swan, this is Emma, her son Henry, his adopted mother Regina, and these are Emma’s parents, Snow, and David, the Charmings.” He locked the door, and led you over to one of the beds, sitting you down.
“Swan, show Regina where the man put the tracker.” He smiled gently, gesturing Regina over.
She knelt down in front of you, and Killian went over to talk to the others. You showed her the scar from where the tracker was put in. There was a small bump, revealing its location.
Regina gave you a gentle smile. “I’m to take this out, I assume?”
You nodded. “Yes please. Do it quick.” You took a deep breath and squeezed your eyes shut. After a moment, there was a sharp pain in your arm, and then the pain of someone digging around in the open wound.
“You can open your eyes now, sweetie.” Regina said gently, and you did.
They landed immediately on Emma, and you locked eyes.
“Y/N?” She whispered, teary eyed.
You immediately tensed up. “How do you know that name?”
“You’re my daughter.” She whispered, slowly walking over. “When I was arrested, they took you away, and when they let me out they said I wouldn’t be able to take care of you, so I gave you up.” She wrapped her arms around you, and you immediately wrapped your arms around her, because it just felt right.
“Oh Y/N/N, you’re never going to have to go through anything like this again, I promise.” She whispered, hugging you even tighter. “You’re safe now.”

Eight Nights With Mr. Gold

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Summary: The town of Storybrooke is devoted to Christmas, so much so that they revile Mr. Gold for not participating in their celebration. Amid this tension, Belle French discovers that he is actually Jewish and he’s alone on Chanukah. Naturally, she can’t let that stand.

Author’s Notes: So, there is a lot of talk of Christmas fics right now and I am all for that, but this fandom needs a Chanukah fic. Here is my attempt to be released in eight parts- one each night. Happy Chanukah!

Storybrooke was an idyllic town, straight out of a Norman Rockwell illustration and there was perhaps no time that it fulfilled that image as much as Christmas.

The townspeople began decorating as soon as they cleared away their jack-o-lanterns. Every house was lit up, the town Christmas tree went up in front of City Hall and the carolers began practicing.

Except for one resident.

Mr. Gold.

Mr. Gold owned nearly the whole town. He never decorated his shop or his house, the big pink Victorian sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the others plucked from vintage postcards.

And the town couldn’t forget it.

“Belle, sign this.”

The librarian looked up from her pancakes at the clipboard her friend, Ruby, was sticking in her face.

“What is it?”

“Just sign it.”

“I’m not going to just sign anything,” said Belle, taking a clipboard. “A petition?”

Leroy piped up from down the counter. “Yeah, we’re gonna get Gold to put up some lights already.”

“What?” Belle furrowed her brow as she read the paper. She shook her head and put the clipboard back down. “I’m not signing this.”

Leroy groaned.

“What? Why not, Belle?,” asked Ruby.

“You can’t create a petition to make someone put up Christmas lights. That’s hardly in the spirit of the season,” she said as she resumed eating.

“But, Belle, we’re in a competition…”

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#VegasCon: Mark Sheppard

Mark has a black eye, explained that he hit the edge of a cabinet.

He was asked if there was a type of show he’d like to do.  Real Housewives.

With the rumor of the X-files reboot, would Mark be interested in coming back?  He laughed.  Chris had so long on the show and didn’t bring him back, that he probably wouldn’t do it this time.

Asked if there was any update on getting on Sherlock.  Mark laughed.  “I’m on Sherlock, trust me, you’ll find out.”

He stopped to ask a 6 year old dressed like Crowley (in the bloody apron) if she had a question - No.  “At that age I thought I knew everything, too.”

He was asked who his fictional workout partner would be (there’d been a question earlier about how his workout progress was going- he admitted he’d gained weight over the holidays), and laughed as he tried to wrap his brain around it, said that he’d need more time to think of an answer for that.

There was a fan who loved him on Firefly as Badger, and wanted to know what Nathan Fillion was like.  “It’s the same bloody question!  I love you on Supernatural, what are the boys like?  What’s Nathan Fillion like?”  He said that Nathan’s lovely, very Canadian.  He did a drawing of a dragon for his son.

He was asked if there was anything he looked for in a- No.  In a role? No.  What would make him say no?  “I’m saying no now.”

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One of the protagonists of Animorphs who had a cousin who was dying.

at One of their band turns traitor and he basically lets the kid die, then takes his DNA and morphs into him so he can have a family. 

Shortly after, he attempts to kill every member of his team in his vastly superior morphs

Keep in mind that they morph into ANIMALS.

So he, a child, is out to literally tear all of his friends to pieces, animal-style, i.e. as brutally as possible.

Let’s count the ways.

  • turns into a lion and basically all-out cat fights with Jake, whose main combat morph is a tiger and then HE SLICES HIS FUCKING THROAT AND LEAVES HIM TO BLEED OUT. He doesn’t, but STILL, this is a fucking KID killing ANOTHER KID
  • he attacks the kid trapped in a hawk morph and basically tries to talon him to death (wrong hawk though, lucky him) 
  • he basically knocks out and kidnaps Marco, then morphs into him and beats Ax, the alien member of their team, with a baseball bat
  • He then tries to kill Rachel, again in an eagle morph while she’s an owl (I think, I don’t remember) 

There’s a happy ending, though. 

They trick him into thinking that they’ll give him the Blue Box, which is the source of their power, so he can use it to exchange for his parents (Yeerk-infested), and he arrogantly believes that he has them trapped.

He forces all of them to morph into cockroaches and get  into a bottle so they wont interfere while he and Rachel morph into rats.

Then they got to retrieve the “pieces” of the Blue Box.

But surprise, they’re legos and it’s actually a trap.

Rachel gets out quickly and they trap David, as a rat.

It was such a satisfying moment because this cocky little bastard had been attacking characters you really liked and he was just such an arrogant bastard.

And even in the end, when Ax and Rachel have to wait for an hour and listen to him screaming and begging and pleading the whole time, and they go home shaken, I didn’t feel much for David.

He got everything he deserved and how poetic too.