The signs as absurd and funny Bowie things
  • Aries: shaving off his eyebrows because a band didn’t like the song he wrote
  • Taurus: being petty and “that should’ve been my song” about My Way then going home and writing Life on Mars?
  • Gemini: Dancing in the Street, the video, all of it especially the gay subtext
  • Cancer: the photo of David in Mustique with his sax just in his briefs, you know the one
  • Leo: how he was super bitter about the Tin Machine cover and was like “wtf how dare they underestimate me… if I wanted to provoke anybody I’d given them erections”
  • Virgo: the Diamond Dogs album cover
  • Libra: the elaborate April’s Fools joke of “Nat Tate”
  • Scorpio: making a wallpaper with a minotaur… who has a monstrous dick and is jacking off
  • Sagittarius: the story of how some fan waited for TM to get out after a concert, asked first Reeves to sign a photo he took of the band, Reeves’ painted a halo over his own head in the photo; David comes out sees the halo, laughs and draws a MAJOR dick on himself
  • Capricorn: the Laughing Gnome, essentially
  • Aquarius: flashing a massive dildo during a live TV performance of Saturday Night Live with a puppet
  • Pisces: how he was over 40 when he learnt how to swim