Voices of Photography 攝影之聲
Issue 15 : 影像的左邊 The Left Side of Images

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◎ 編輯台報告  Editorial

▲ 白色檔案 — 何經泰
White Terror File by HO Ching-Tai
▲ 左翼的時態 — 林深靖
The Tense of Left Wing by LIN Shen-Jing
▲ 「人間熱」與解嚴前後的台灣紀實攝影變貌:一個初探 — 張世倫
A Preliminary Study On The Ren Jian Fever And The Changes In Taiwanese Documentary Photography Before And After The Martial Laws Period by CHANG Shih-Lun
▲ 影像的左與右:從我的攝影工作與左翼認識談起 — 關曉榮
Images of The Left And The Right : About My Journey In Photography And Understanding of Leftists by GUAN Xiao-Rong
▲ 如何掀開被遮蔽的史觀與現實:試論台灣的「左翼」紀錄片 — 郭力昕
How To Uncover Hidden Facts And History : Thoughts On “Left Wing" Documentaries In Taiwan by KUO Li-Hsin
“Left Wing Documentaries" In The Chinese Context : Kuo Li-Hsin’s Interview with Zhang Xian-Min
▲ 鬧革命!文革中的攝影 — 顧錚
Revolution! Photography During Cultural Revolution by GU Zheng
▲ 影像鬥爭:香港「六七暴動」與攝影畫刊 — 李威儀
The Fight of Images : Hong Kong 1967 Leftist Riots And Illustrated Propaganda Books by LEE Wei-I
▲ 抵抗!日本反體制攝影 — 金子隆一
Protest! Anti-Authority Images In Japan by KANEKO Ryuichi

◎ 過激時代:1960s 日本學運闘爭現場之眼 — 北井一夫 X 渡邊眸
Kageki : Into The Eye of The Japanese Radical Era  — KITAI Kazuo / WATANABE Hitomi

◎ Artist’s Showcase
底片 : 徐勇

◎ 何謂攝影?法國龐畢度中心攝影展 — 伊妮絲
What Is Photography? @Centre Pompidou by Agnès

◎ Q
▲ 專訪紐約攝影書店Dashwood Books創辦人David Strettell — 趙豫中
Interview with Dashwood Books / David Strettell by Yuchung Chao

◎ 路上的內心風景:五位台灣年輕攝影創作者的《大路上展》 — 汪正翔
Images of the Inner Journey : 6 Young Taiwanese Photographers’ Road Show by Sean Wang

◎ Photobook
▲ 另一種唯物史觀 : 《中國攝影書集》— 沈硯方
Another Perspective of Historical Materialism : The Chinese Photobook by She Yang-Fang
▲ 直至今日的再現 : 《未有燭而後至》— 錢怡安
Uncovered : Won’t Somebody Bring The Light by Lili Chien

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