this panel has lots of otps. they’re real and happy. good times.

(comics: secret wars: secret love)

so basically :

if I were David, i’d burst into tears for all the pressure i have upon my shoulders, and for the fact that nothing ever happens as i thought it would (and also for my own stupidity since i apparently still don’t understand that nothing ever happens as i thought it would)

if I were Sylas, i’d burst into tears for all the shit that happens to me on a daily basis, for the fact people keep being angry at me and hate me while i’m merely doing what i do to protect them, and for the fact that i’m supposed to decode every single signs god would have the sadistic pleasure to send me

if I were Jack, i’d burst into tears for my parents, no, my whole family, the whole goddamn kingdom, seems not to understand that i’m actually a good person and that i can do something else than hate people and celebrate all nights long. also i’d cry because the only person i loved and who really loved me beyong my freaking future crown and money actually died

if I were Michelle, i’d burst into tears for living in such a screwed up family and for not being free of my own steps

if I were Rose, i’d burst into tears for my children don’t love me though i love them with all that left of my heart

and if I were Thomasina, i’d just slap everybody in their stupid faces for general stupidity and self-mourning

Spoiler theory

Someone talked about Rumple’s curse being broken by TLK thanks to Belle.

What if everything he ever did vanished?

- Killian never lost his hand and perhaps, lost Milah in a battle so he decided to come back in the Navy or something less dubious than the piracy (given his clothes, his two hands and his lack of guyliner,…)
- King George never adopted James & David. They are sheperds. Emma is the daughter of a sheperd (look at her clothes, those are not from a royal wardrobe)
- David & Snow never met again
- Regina never learnt magic (and neither did Zelena or Cora)
- look at the possibility about Marianne & Robin there! Maybe they found another solution for Marianne to live! (*whale noises* OQ nooooo)
- dead people stay dead all the same (Cora, Neal & Graham)
- many other things that I can’t remember

But everything feels not right (Emma is the same age than David) & finding their memories back is the (new) plot for S4