David Sanborn & Friends - The Super Session (2001) (by herkenes)


Nick Cave covers Hey Joe

with Mick Harvey, David Sanborn, Toots Thielemans, Charlie Haden and the NIghtmusic Band


Conway Twitty - When You’re Cool (featuring The Residents)


Unrehearsed live versions of ‘Furry Sings The Blues’ and 'Hejira’  by Joni Mitchell with Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, Wayne Shorter, David Sanborn and Larry Klein.


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Willie Dixon - Spoonful (1989)


D'Angelo and David Sanborn - Use Me (Bill Withers Cover), 1997

Sorry Bill, but D beat you on your own shit.

D rocks the Fender Rhodes and his awesome voice, David Sanborn on sax, Eric Clapton on guitar, Marcus Miller on bass, Gene Lake on drums, and legendary Steve Gadd on hand percussion. no wonder this sound so good. look at the line up.


Pere Ubu - Waiting For Mary (live 1989)

Ok, this is probably the most amazingly odd lineup of musicians ever - Loudon Wainwright, Philip Glass & Debbie Harry behind Pere Ubu as they perform a song from their short-lived late 80’s attempt at making pop music on David Sanborn’s late night TV show, featuring the aforementioned host’s Saturday Night Live theme sax tootling over the intro, but otherwise mostly unharmed. Hopefully this will be saved in a time capsule for future generations as a vital document of:

A. A bunch of awesome 20th century musicians (not you Dave, sorry) who have basically nothing in common other than that they all live in New York, and

B. the only footage I can find featuring David Thomas’s amazing spastic performance style, featuring tons of super animated gestures, pacing frantically in circles while talking to himself, and gleeful high pitched bursts of laughter while clapping his hands.

The world is pretty weird. Enjoy!