David Ryan Robinson’s Fantasy Map of London

David Ryan Robinson doesn’t want to be known just as the map guy. Which is kind of difficult when you spend six months of your life drawing a huge A2 (that’s 23-and-a-half by 16-and-a-half inches) map of London.

It was fall 2011, and Robinson had just arrived in London. Like many young professionals, Robinson realised that the UK capital was the place to establish a firm career path. Robinson had always been into drawing, and he never got out of it. He graduated from university in June, taking a degree in art, and he knew that to advance in the creative industries he ought to move to London. “I’d only been a couple of times before,” he points out, on day trips and vacations.

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This Thrillhouse-based gif is by London-based illustrator David Ryan Robinson, and I feel like it’s an accurate depiction of my everyday life.

Some of y'all have probably heard of him, but for those of you that haven’t – he’s draws some hella stylish stuff that’s just weird in the best way. He has a quite a sense of humor as well, and is good at communicating it visually. Currently he’s with Cartoon Network.

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“For a while my sole profession was a freelance illustrator, mostly editorial and advertisements. However since working at Cartoon Network and working there as a designer, it’s really hard to pin point me within the creative world. In university the tutors often used the word “designastrator”.

Illustration by David Ryan Robinson: http://businessboomcollective.com/0808/david-ryan-robinson/