David Ryan Harris - Coldplay (2016)


David Ryan Harris dusting off the ol’ tour gear. Rehearsals are underway, y'all. Did anyone manage to get pre-sale tickets?

I’m telling you,




Don’t feast your eyes on things that are on the ground

And if gets hard to focus

When you’re traveling almost at the speed of sound,

Feeling nowhere bound

Remember what I told you

And don’t you dare look down.


This is one of my favorite songs. It’s on the Biker Boyz soundtrack and it’s by David Ryan Harris. The song is basically a father giving one lone, but ever so useful, piece of advice to his son.Because the movie is about motorcycle gangs, it references a few bike terms and could be thought to be a song made to solely complement the movie. But with a second listen, it’s most definitely a metaphor for any time you’re feeling alone or lost and abandoned in the world. We all know that life sometimes moves so fast and becomes so hectic that we can look up and not know a thing that’s going on around us. Seldom do we have the time or ability to stop and figure it out, so we have to thing while still staying focused. I guess that’s what this father is telling his son. Kind of like a “look, i’m not sure what situation you may find yourself in and I don’t know how close i’ll be to come save you..but just don’t let up. Don’t break focus. Do NOT look down”… 

It’s a gem. It’s catchy. It’s so meaningful. And it’s the one time I wish i was a man so i could give this song to my son smh….

Eric’s writing

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,,Anything huh. Well let me think here. How about a train of thought and hype writing. Maybe, oh I know, I needed to think about my latest Doom 2 level. It’s called Tier 6 and, obviously, is the 6th level in this series. I have trouble making this one for some reason though. In the past I have been able to just go and create several rooms and hallways and secret rooms just off the kopf [head]. But for some reason I can’t for Tier 6. Maybe its the fact that school is back in session and there is more on my mind now than there was during the summer when 1-5 were made. I keep making just plain, boring, empty rooms like I am a beginner. Just room after room of the same old stuff. There are a few places that are indeed good, quality areas that look better than the original game, but I need to have the whole level like that. I am trying to go for a very tough, action packed, fast-pace level because I just saw ‘Saving Private Ryan’ again and I want to kind of recreate some of those scenes best I can. It’s tough though…’’

- 9/14/98

Okay, so I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but I haven’t seen this movie being counted on list of movies reffered by Eric. So, whoever made a list of them, now can add another one.