photo by David Raccuglia for Art+Science Salon ABSTRACT Collection 

It’s June and summer is officially here in Chicago!

Anyone that’s lived here long enough will tell you that Chicago really comes alive when the temperatures soar, and stylish Chicagoans tend to embrace bold shapes and textures after months of wool hats and parkas.

Art+Science Salon’s ABSTRACT Collection epitomizes the energy and boldness of the city in the summer with its expansive silhouettes and fresh takes on classic styles that are both wearable and dynamic. They’re the kind of looks that get you stopped in the street by style-hunters like Refinery29 and we’re thrilled they love the collection as much as we do! 

Check out Refinery29’s ABSTRACT Collection slideshow here. A big thank you goes to Refinery 29 and Shani Silver for the shout-out, and make sure to tell us what you think of the collection on our Facebook