Visualize This Is Nowhere

The visual directives for This Is Nowhere…

Location. Windows.  

Dance with Actors and light.

Every scene has a secret, just like every family recipe has a special ingredient. 

Nature provides better lighting than man/woman.

Naturalistic and modern, seemingly effortless. 

What you don’t see is important.


Let it breathe. 

One point perspective. 

The world is full.

Light has a visible source.

Photo credits “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints”, DP Bradford Young.

School or work preventing you from training as often as you would like? That’s tough, but you must remember that family, education, and work should all come before your budo training. Again, you may not learn as fast as you would like. But, again, too, with patience, you will get there and the teacher will be there to lead you.

David Lowry, The Essence of Budo

Needed that.