Bluegrass Clog Dancing - David Hoffman, Film maker

I love looking at these faces, this old scene - hard to believe this exists in anybody’s living room. Plus the dancing of course. And the music. And…

“No modern actor was better at making you feel sympathy for fucking idiots, failures, degenerates, sad sacks and hangdogs dealt a bum hand by life, even as — no, especially when — he played them with all of their worst qualities front and center. But Philip Seymour Hoffman had a range that seemed all-encompassing, and he could breathe life into any role he took on: a famous author, a globetrotting partyboy aristocrat, a German counterintelligence agent, a charismatic cult leader, a genius who planned games of death in dystopic futures. He added heft to low-budget art films, and nuance and unpredictability to blockbuster franchises. He was a transformative performer who worked from the inside out, blessed with an emotional transparency that could be overwhelming, invigorating, compelling, devastating. And above all, Hoffman had a talent for pinpointing the humanistic even in the most horrible characters. ‘I am a writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist, a theoretical philosopher,’ he intoned in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2012 magnum opus The Master. ‘But, above all, I am a man. A hopelessly inquisitive man, just like you.’”

David Fear