Fangirl Challenge7 Heartbreaking Scenes (+ bonus Heartwarming)
The Newsroom (8/7 BONUS)

Elliot, Don and Sloan are stuck on the tarmac at La Guardia coming back from Washington, DC. Don is pissed that he can’t get off the plane to work the story [Osama Bin Laden’s death].  Don tries to use his phone and switch seats to talk to Sloan about this breaking news while they taxi to the gate, but the Soup Nazi Flight Attendant won’t let him.  In the middle of his last ape-shit fit over not disembarking, you start to wonder how scared the passengers are who are watching him, and when the US Marshall is going to subdue him. Then the attendant gets the pilot.  

Everything stops.

He realizes the importance of this news to the people inside the plane, not just outside it. And he tells the pilot, first officer and flight attendant the news with incredible emotion.