If anyone’s struggling with or interested in Electromagnetism (at a university level or if you just plain kick ass at calculus), I highly recommend David J. Griffiths' Introduction to Electrodynamics.

He explains things in a very pedagogical manner, and has several worked out problems. I couldn’t understand a negative sign in my EM teacher’s notes no matter how many times I read them over. Went to Griffiths to see how he explained the same concept, literally the first thing I read: “If the sign bothers you, think about this…”. Sorted. Check out Griffiths, seriously. (For quantum too!)

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This is just a random message to say that you're amazing and 10/10 going to be the next David J Griffiths but of QFT( in terms of writing about a difficult subject so that anyone learning physics can understand it). Keep being awesome <3

Anonymous, you’re so kind! These are precisely the words I needed to hear today: you’ve given me much-needed strength and motivation to keep pushing forward! Thank you so much! I’m infinitely grateful.

I’m wishing you the best, my awesome friend!

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i think kail got pregnant on purpose to get chris to stick around kail acts like the independent women but she isnt, she is the same as jenelle in the sense she rushes and jumps in her and jenelles time lines are similar but kail has longer relationships but as soon as ones ended she with someone else she was engaged to javi and pregnant after 4 months and married after 6 months, she rushes and trys to create a family for it all to fall apart when she gives up and claims shes independent women

I think Jenelle and Kail are very similar. They both move on very quickly into different relationships and move very fast in them. I agree that they have the same timeline. They only thing that is different are the men that they’ve been with. Kail has found men who want to be in their children’s lives and want to coparent, unlike Jenelle. She manages to find deadbeat dads. That’s the only difference I see between them. Kail says that she’s independent and doesn’t need a man, but her relationship with Chris really says otherwise.


2014 Lambda Award nominees in the Bisexual Fiction and Bisexual Nonfiction categories:

Mel Bossa, In His Secret Life

Susan Choi, My Education

Clive Davis, The Soundtrack of My Life

Shiri Eisner, Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution

Nicola Griffith, Hild

David Leavitt, The Two Hotel Francforts

Bushra Rehman, Corona

Maria San Filippo, The B Word: Bisexuality in Contemporary Film and Television


Teen Mom 2 - S08E09
“Playing Family Picnic” - Aired 9/4/17——————————————————
Jenelle and David talking about Nathan not wanting to go out of his way to see Kaiser. As much as I hate him, David does make a fair point. It just seems like Nathan’s mom is the only one who wants to see Kaiser, just like Adam’s mom with Aubree. Chelsea gave up trying to get Adam to want to see his daughter, and the only time he sees her (if he goes to see Aubree) is when Aubree is at his parents’ house. Adam doesn’t ask for extra time, and Nathan doesn’t ask for extra time. Neither of them really care. Jenelle should just give up like Chelsea, because it seems that Nathan only sees Kaiser (if he goes to see Kaiser) when his mom has him. You can take a horse to water but can’t make him drink. 🤷🏼‍♀️