How is he not playing Valjean in the new tour?!?!?


Peter Jöback as the Phantom in POTO Stockholm.

Many Phantoms has starred in productions in two different countries. Not many has starred in three or more - but now Peter Jöback has played the role both in West End, on Broadway and now in Stockholm.

Other examples include Ian Jon Bourg (US Tour/Las Vegas, Hamburg/Stuttgart/Essen, and the World Tour), Peter Karrie (UK Tour/West End, Toronto, and Singapore/Hong Kong in the Canadian Far-East Tour), Ethan Freeman (Vienna, West End, Toronto and Essen), David Gaschen (USA, Hamburg and Basel), and of course Brad Little (US Tour/Broadway, and the World Tour including Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Daegu, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Istanbul, Guangzhou and Beijing).


Some prominent multi-production Phantoms (in no particular order):

  • Michael Crawford: West End, Broadway and Los Angeles. He did of course also originate the role.
  • Ethan Freeman: Vienna (alt.), West End, Toronto, Essen. He also played André in West End.
  • David Gaschen: Basel (alt.), Hamburg (alt.), Broadway (limited run / u/s). He also played Piangi in the US tour.
  • Ian Jon Bourg: Hamburg, Stuttgart, Essen, Las Vegas (u/s) and the World Tour (u/s). He also played André in the US tour.
  • Cris Groenendaal: Broadway and Toronto. He also originated the role of André on Broadway.
  • Peter Karrie: West End, Toronto, Canadian Tour, UK tour.
  • Marcus Lovett: Broadway and West End.
  • Peter Jöback: West End, Broadway and next year: Stockholm.
  • Brad Little: US tour, Broadway (limited run), World Tour.
  • Grant Norman: US tour and West End.

A complete list would include: Saulo Vasconcelos, Hans Peter Janssen, Nick Saverine, Thomas Schulze, Ciarán Sheehan, Jeff Hyslop, Steve Barton - and the tons of Phantoms moving between West End/UK Tour or Broadway/US Tour. Way too many to list. In the photoset I tried to include the productions with fairly different costumes/masks.

Colm Wilkinson (Sydmonton/Toronto), Ramin Karimloo (West End/RAH concert) and Christian Müller (Essen/Viennese concert) could also be mentioned.


@playbill Scrapbook 2006: some highlights from the POTO page

  • Michael Shawn Lewis demonstrating “the technique that won him the company’s cheese ball eating contest”
  • Patricia Phillips hearing “you are the best BROAD” when Hal Prince said over the PA system that “You are the best ‘frog’“ (mid performance, of course)
  • “Stephen, please keep your backstage voice small and unimportant, much like your performance” (Craig Jacobs being cheeky with Stephen R. Buntrock)
  • Jennifer Hope Wills having a boob accident in Hannibal, where one did a peek-a-boo out of her Hannibal bodice when dancing
  • An alternative MOTN pose by David Gaschen and Susan Owen

anonymous asked:

Hi, GP. Do you any some actors and actresses who read the original book, using it as a basis of their interpretation or not. All I can think of are Sean MacLaughlin, Jeremy Hays, and maybe Marcus Lovett. I know Hugh Panaro loves Kay's Phantom. And uh, just learned that Storm Lineberger read some PhanPhics. Thanks!

Marcus Lovett definitely read the book - other fans have talked about meeting him and how he had underlined passages from Leroux’s book where they could help him with his portrayal. So awesome!

Other actors and actresses include: Julia Moller (read both Leroux and Kay), Jennifer Hope Wills (who according to the linked interview also read several essays on it and on the time period), Lisa Vroman, Teri Bibb, David Gaschen, Mark McKerracher (who according to the interview “read every single book there was on the Phantom”), Leila Benn Harris, Sofia Escobar, Matthew McKenna, Andrew Ragone, Kristen Hertzenberg, Juan Navarro, Kristi Holden, probably Claire Lyon, and probably lots more than that.


“Phantom: Lair 1.5 add Mandarin Hat and Chinese Robe”

1. Jonathan Roxmouth, Johannesburg, 
2. David Gaschen, Basel, 
3. Thomas Schulze, Hamburg, 
4. Peter Jorde, Copenhagen, 
5. Maria Bjørnson’s costume design, 
6. Mathias Edenborn, Hamburg, 
7. Laird Mackintosh, Broadway, 
8. Viennese costume on display in Hong Kong, 
9. Anthony Crivello, Las Vegas.

An additional Mandarin costume sketch can be seen here.  

The Music of the Night
David Gaschen (u/s)
The Music of the Night

David Gaschen - The Music of the Night
January 12, 2005; Broadway

David has played the role in Basel, Hamburg, Broadway, and across the US on the US tour. He got his start in the Basel production I believe, moved onto the Hamburg production where he understudied and played both Raoul and The Phantom, after that he went to the Broadway production for several years where he understudied and played Piangi and The Phantom, then the US Tour where he again understudied Piangi and Phantom.

His voice is crazy operatic/booming, like Bourg, love it!

Bring Him Home
David Gaschen
Bring Him Home

David Gaschen - Bring Him Home
Let Me Sing and I’m Happy (2001)

So David played Valjean regionally last year it seems and for some reason no one GOT AUDIO X((( But anyway he’s here singing BHH and it sounds very good none the less, maybe something will show up someday pretty please world.


From design to costume: the Phantom’s Mandarin robe with winter hat

  1. Peter Jöback, West End,
  2. David Gaschen, Basel,
  3. Juan Navarro, Mexico City,
  4. Preben Kristensen, Copenhagen,
  5. Maria Bjørnson’s design (detail),
  6. Jonathan Roxmouth, Johannesburg/World Tour,
  7. Thomas Schulze, Hamburg,
  8. Mark McKerracher, UK Tour,
  9. Rob Guest, Brisbane/Aussie Tour.

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I got to work with David Gaschen and John Cudia because of a voice masterclass I attended.. They both played the phantom for a long time but I can't find any videos of David's performances!! Think you could help me out?

So, I’m not into bootlegs. That’s one thing I’m really underlining in my FAQ:

So I can’t help you on neither videos or audios of said actor. But mighty cool that you got to work with both John Cudia and David Gaschen! Both excellent Phantoms with a long track record in the show.