katrinalaw What do you celebrate today? Day 56 of 365. Today I celebrate #NationalSuperheroDay! Superheroes come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. From holding open a door for a stranger to saving babies and puppies from the top floor of a burning building to being able to fly. So here’s to the superhero in all of us and the daily endeavor to let our inner superhero shine! #celebrate#appreciate

My otp has canonically...

1. Held hands

2. Indulged in kinky roleplay

3. Been in bed together

4. Indulged in more kinky roleplay

5. Ignored the pretty girl in the room while having a drink together

6. Declared in public that they belong to each other

7. Actually proven in public that they belong to each other

8. Lived together

9. Come this close to forcing the show to up its rating to a hard R

10. Aaaand…you know what, this show should definitely be rated R

Conclusion: My OTP is canon. #qed #blessed


#yo witwer i’m really happy for you #imma let you finish #but what’s it gonna take to get the rest of you in a star wars movie??? #BECAUSE I NEED IT NOW BRO

Joker Imagine - First Kiss

Synopsis - Y/N has never had her First Kiss. Upon realising this, Mistah J would like to change that. Warnings - None Y/N sat and twiddled her thumbs , figuring out what to do with her time as Mistah J worked in his office on some heist plans. She quietly thought to herself how normal couples would be out on movie dates, or in between the sheets. But not her and Mistah J. He was so busy all of the time that it was rare they actually get to spend some good time together. Whether that be going on date at a fancy restaurant or spending time with eachother at home, there was no in between. Y/N was snapped quickly out of her thoughts as she heard J call after her from his office. “Y/N could you come in here please?” He called, his voice sounding serious, but not in any way angry. He never ever said please if he wanted Y/N’s attention. So this was something serious no doubt. Y/N fast-walked to J’s office to see what was troubling him. "What’s the matter J? You want another cup of coffee?” She asked, pointing at the coffee mug on his desk. "No doll, I’m good. Take a seat.” He asked, gesturing toward the seat in front of him. Y/N walked over to the seat in front of Joker. Just before she sat down, J spoke again. "Actually, why don’t ya come sit on Daddy’s lap?” He purred, patting his knee. Y/N uncomfortably sat on J’s knee, trying not to move too much "What’s the matter Dollface? Something troubling ya?” He asked, holding Y/N’s hand. "There’s uhm … there’s something I wanna tell you …” Y/N said shyly, looking down at her feet. "And what might that be, hmm?” J asked with curiosity. "I’ve never …. I’ve never had my first kiss.” Y/N replied, her cheeks turning red with embarrassment. She felt as though she was going to cry. J used his fingers to tilt Y/N’s face back up, so he could look into her E/C eyes. "I figured.” He said softly. Y/N’s eyes widened with shock at how he’d figured it out. "I figured because every time I go to make a move on you; whether that be to give you a kiss or something more, you wriggle out of it…” Y/N hid her face behind her hands at his words, tears stinging her eyes as someone like Joker, who’s had experience with things like kissing and much more, had chosen to be with someone like her who’d never done anything like that before, ever. J took Y/N’s hands away from her face and held them with his hands. "I’d like to change that for you, would that be okay, Doll?” He asked. Y/N nodded in response as she mentally prepared herself for what was about to take place; not that this was that big of a deal for J, mind you. J gently placed his hands either side of Y/N’s face and studied her features. "You’re so beautiful, ya know that?” He said, rubbing his thumb across her cheek. Y/N placed her hand on top of his and smiled a little. J leaned in slowly and planted a soft kiss onto Y/N’s lips. He pulled back after to see her reaction. Her cheeks were slightly pink from his actions. Y/N placed her hands on his face and connected her lips with his dark red ones. She moaned slightly as she felt J’s younger dance with hers as the kiss deepened with lust + passion. Y/N pulled away from J’s lips, he let out a satisfied purr. J pulled Y/N into a sweet hug, something he didn’t do that often but, in a moment like this, he thought to do so.

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