Action Item and The Grammy performance.

Guys. I don’t want Action Item to get big and famous. I want them to remember me. And If they DO play at the Grammy’s, that’s not gonna happen. They’ll get big and famous, and I want them to be my boys.

But it’s not about what I want. THEY want to be big and famous, THEY are putting all this work into the band, and THEY deserve, more than anyone, to have their dreams come true.

They are so ready for this. It’s like with my mom. Do you think she wants to pay for my brother to go to an expensive college? No, but it’s in HIS best interest. Does she want to pay for my sister’s trip to Cargenie Hall? No, but it will mean everything to her.

It’s just like that. If they play at the Grammy’s. I will be happy for them.. more than happy for them, I’ll be overjoyed!

AI Til I Die.


Okay now haters,