I’ve come to think that flourishing consists of putting yourself in situations in which you lose self-consciousness and become fused with other people, experiences, or tasks. It happens sometimes when you are lost in a hard challenge, or when an artist or a craftsman becomes one with the brush or the tool. It happens sometimes while you’re playing sports, or listening to music or lost in a story, or to some people when they feel enveloped by God’s love. And it happens most when we connect with other people. I’ve come to think that happiness isn’t really produced by conscious accomplishments. Happiness is a measure of how thickly the unconscious parts of our minds are intertwined with other people and with activities. Happiness is determined by how much information and affection flows through us covertly every day and year.
—  David Brooks

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Hello! I was told you could help answer questions about Dean Corll. I was wondering if you think David Brooks was more involved in the murders than what he said and do you think there were more victims? Do you think the pedophilia ring was real or if that was made up? Also why do they call it the Houston mass murders instead of serial killings?

Hi! This is gonna be long 😳.

I do think Brooks was more involved than what he claims, but that’s speculation on my part. Knowing Dean and living with him for as long as he had and having all the knowledge he had of the murders while claiming to be an innocent bystander is very suspect. He words things very strangely in his confession though that give you the impression that there’s more to the story. For instance, he describes how he never took part in any of the killings, despite being there and watching it take place, but then later stated that while watching a particular murder take place that he “didn’t want to mess with this one”. The victim in question was 17-year-old Joseph Lyles, who was a neighbor of David’s…that would explain why he wouldn’t want to “mess” with him, but notice how he says “this one,” as though he’d be willing to “mess” with other victims -or has done so.

The fact that he uses the term “mess with” is also suspect to me because Dean would often use the term when referring to torturing/raping/killing his victims.
Example: when they would have their victims tied up, he’d say, “you take that one and I’ll mess with this one”.

I also feel like since Brooks was around Corll 2 years prior to Henley joining, there’s a lot we don’t know about what went on and how much he participated.

I do believe there to be at least 3-5 victims who have not been discovered, if not more. Henley told the police there were more unaccounted for and the general area they would be in. A few people have stated they know there are additional bodies buried where Corll’s candy store once stood. But police were satisfied with the body count they had just discovered with the help of Brooks and Henley, at the time, the highest number found, so they stopped searching and ignored the tips.

I believe the pedophile ring story to be accurate. Detectives did find documents and pornographic material in Corll’s house, which they further investigated. Later, photos of some of Dean’s victims were discovered in the property of other pedophiles. A man by the name of John D. Norman created an organization in Dallas known as the Odyssey Foundation. Some of the material found in Corll’s home was from Odyssey. The foundation, essentially a pedophile ring, had a reported 50,000 members who paid subscriptions to procure young boys for sex. They would receive nude photos of the boys, along with personal details. Norman was busted in ‘73, but he managed to only serve a few years in jail before moving to Chicago. There, he was promptly sent to prison for having sex with a ten-year-old boy. It was while in prison in Chicago he started a newsletter with a new foundation to replace Odyssey, this one called Delta. No one knows what happened to Norman, but it’s assumed he’s dead.

Lastly, the crimes were called the Houston Mass Murders because the crimes were committed before the term serial killer ever existed. Mass murder is all they had at the time, so that’s what they used.

NYT: Opinion | Republicans Can’t Pass Bills
The G.O.P. used to be willing to govern. Not now.
By David Brooks

I like David Brooks’s distinction between Republican philosophy as either “freedom as capacity” and “freedom as detachment”.

Despite what you think of the details of his essay (I would argue that the 1996 welfare reform law did more harm than good), the overall distinction he makes is important. “Freedom as capacity” means giving people the liberty of choice through a small boost. Give people with disabilities some assistance so they have the liberty to choose what work they would like to do. Give people in high school some assistance so they can choose what college they’d like. I may not agree wholeheartedly with it, but it’s a strong philosophy and one that does create results.

“Freedom as detachment”, on the other hand, is just cutting government programs and calling it a day. That doesn’t work. With all of the pressures placed on Americans today, David Brooks argues that such a philosophy will only leave these people to struggle. It’s a philosophy that hasn’t achieved any substantial policy achievements. This health care bill, which may still go through, is an enormous governing failure. It’s a garbage pile of a bill because it doesn’t solve any problems. It just takes away a government program that helps people and tells them “you’re on your own.” Nobody wants that.

So until the Republican Party shifts its mode of thought, it’s going to continue failing over and over again until the voters say enough.

When you were watching NASCAR, I studied the deli.
When you were popping opioids, I studied the deli.
When you were renting a three-bedroom house for $600/month, I studied the deli.
And now that you want to move up socially and professionally you have the audacity to come to me for help?

For Augustine, that’s the crucial change. Knowledge is not enough for tranquillity and goodness because it doesn’t contain the motivation to be good. Only love impels action. We don’t become better because we acquire new information. We become better because we acquire better loves. We don’t become what we know. Education is a process of love formation. When you go to a school, it should offer you new things to love
—  David Brooks, The Road to Character.

Recently I saw a movie with a friend with only a high school degree. Insensitively, I led her to a showing of Kimi no Na wa. Suddenly I saw her face freeze up as she was confronted with characters named “Mitsuha” and “Taki” and concepts like miko, senpai, and imouto. I quickly asked her if she wanted to see something else and she anxiously nodded yes and we saw Transformers.

Elmer Wayne Henley, 17, left, squats on the beach as police search for bodies in High Island, Texas, Aug. 10, 1973. Henley is implicated with David Brooks and Dean Corll, in the murders of at least 24 young men in a mass sex slaying case. The 24 bodies were discovered in three different locations in Texas. The law enforcement officials are unidentified.


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(1. a john wayne gacy mugshot and my inability to handle serial killers existing on the north shore of chicago. 2. shoe fetish slayer jerry brudos. his face is pretty much always like that. 3. wayne henley and david brooks, accomplices of dean corll. 4. the fucking worst photo of ted bundy ever taken jfc why is his tongue out)

By Trump’s own account, he knows more about aircraft carrier technology than the Navy. According to his interview with The Economist, he invented the phrase “priming the pump” (even though it was famous by 1933). Trump is not only trying to deceive others. His falsehoods are attempts to build a world in which he can feel good for an instant and comfortably deceive himself.

He is thus the all-time record-holder of the Dunning-Kruger effect, the phenomenon in which the incompetent person is too incompetent to understand his own incompetence. Trump thought he’d be celebrated for firing James Comey. He thought his press coverage would grow wildly positive once he won the nomination. He is perpetually surprised because reality does not comport with his fantasies.


David Brooks, “When the World Is Led by a Child.”

Damn! When the resident neocon for the New York Times calls you out on your gross incompetence, you know you’ve done f***ed up as president!

When the World Is Led by a Child
Reports that President Trump betrayed an intelligence source reveal the dangerousness of an immature man.
By David Brooks

Come on, David Brooks, TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL

[Trump] is thus the all-time record-holder of the Dunning-Kruger effect, the phenomenon in which the incompetent person is too incompetent to understand his own incompetence.

… Which brings us to the reports that Trump betrayed an intelligence source and leaked secrets to his Russian visitors. From all we know so far, Trump didn’t do it because he is a Russian agent, or for any malevolent intent. He did it because he is sloppy, because he lacks all impulse control, and above all because he is a 7-year-old boy desperate for the approval of those he admires.

The Russian leak story reveals one other thing, the dangerousness of a hollow man.

… Trump’s statements don’t necessarily come from anywhere, lead anywhere or have a permanent reality beyond his wish to be liked at any given instant.

We’ve got this perverse situation in which the vast analytic powers of the entire world are being spent trying to understand a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This guy is a conservative, BTW, albeit one of the last surviving members of the moderate wing after the teabaggers brought about their Extinction Event 😂😂😂😂