On this day in music history: August 3, 1993 - “Tuesday Night Music Club”, the debut album by Sheryl Crow is released. Produced by Bill Bottrell, it is recorded at Toad Hall in Pasadena, CA from Fall 1992 - Spring 1993. “Tuesday Night Music Club” is actually be the second effort recorded by the singer, songwriter and musician. A&M Records rejects Crow’s initial attempt at a first album (produced by Hugh Padgham), as being “too slick” and it is shelved. Starting over from scratch, the released album will be the end result of numerous informal writing and recording sessions at producer Bill Bottrell’s home studio. Others participating in the sessions include musicians David Baerwald, David Ricketts (David & David), Dan Schwartz, Brian MacLeod, and Crow’s then boyfriend multi-instrumentalist Kevin Gilbert (Toy Matinee). The album will be released to minimal fanfare and will sell poorly, until the third single “All I Wanna Do” (#2 Pop) is released almost a year after the album’s debut. Controversy will erupt in the rock music press over the album when Gilbert and Baerwald clash with Crow over songwritng credit. It will win three Grammy Awards including Best New Artist and Record Of The Year (for “All I Wanna Do”). “Tuesday Night Music Club” will peak at number three on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 7x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
In 2367, the Indian Space Agency is on high alert as an unidentified spaceship hurtles towards the Earth. The Eleventh Doctor assembles a team to investigate, including the legendary Queen Nefertiti, a big game hunter named Riddell, Amy, Rory… and Rory’s father, Brian. Materialising aboard the mystery ship, they’re surprised to find it populated by dinosaurs. With time running out before the ship is blasted out of the sky, the Doctor must confront a vicious criminal named Solomon, as the lives of his companions and the dinosaurs hang in the balance…

David Bowie, 1971 ad for his pre-Hunky Dory singles, “Oh! You Pretty Things” (a hit for Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits), and “Moonage Daydream”/”Hang on to Yourself,” (later released on Ziggy). And in most of the world, The Man Who Sold The World (not MEN as the ad states) was released in April 1971. Just a few reasons why 1971 was so pivotal, and so busy, for our boy Bowie.

(My edit of the ad; main photo by Brian Ward.)

The time has come. The Hogwarts houses of the stars have been noted and illustrated. Saddly, the guys in Pink Floyd locked thmselves into the Room of Requirement when I came to capture their likness. 

But nevertheless, here are the results:

Head Boys and Girls:


Would you like to meet some other students?

But let’s get more familliar with the houses!


The students of Rock ‘n Roll Hogwarts thank you for your attention