“I think that human perception is very iceberg-esque. We tend to let our emotions allow our brains to believe our experiences are more important than anything else going on around us. We tend to think of ourselves as the invaluable briefcase handcuffed to the right hand of god. When in fact grass is growing, minerals are crystallizing and mountains are forming while the solar system is rotating and suns are imploding. Below us, magma is flowing, million-year-old bones are transforming, and tectonic plates are shifting. It makes me wonder how interesting we really are.”

- David Barnes

Every little kids draws, and then some people just stop drawing. You can see it in adults where at some point someone said to them, “You draw like a twelve-year-old,” and that’s when they stopped drawing. But some people continue, for some reason. And for me that was because whenever my aunt would come over she would always be like, “Oh, it’s time to draw,” and afterwards she would look at it and pay attention to the details, like, “Oh, there’s a mountain goat on top of the mountain!” When you get praise like that when you’re young, you like it and you say, “Oh, okay, I’m going to do more of that!” If eventually the mountain goat on top of the mountain wouldn’t get that response anymore, then maybe I’d say, “Okay, I’m putting an alien at the bottom.” She kept encouraging me to do new things.

Sound & Vision #8: David Barnes

I recently saw of Montreal and managed to get my DSLR in to the venue. Only wish I had a better lens (damn being poor and lenses being expensive!). Also, like, Kevin Barnes has the most hairless armpits ever, like, as a woman I’m almost jealous?

When I first was introduced to the band of Montreal my thought was “What?! Did he just say come play with my erection?!” The combination of Kevin’s extensive vocabulary made me a little disinterested at first but then it became a game for me, how many lines of a song can I learn and actually be able to tell people what these words mean? The first album I heard by them was daughter of cloud and I was hooked. I slowly learned that not all of their albums were like that some were better and more real. You can tell by just listening that Kevin just doesn’t write songs for the shit of it or to get women or whatever, he does it because he is human and he has feelings and something to say. After exploring of Montreal more I learned I had heard them before in an Outback Steakhouse commercial in the 90s. I also learned my favorite album was Skeletal Lamping. Which then lead me to my tattoo lyrics from the song “Plastis Wafers” and artwork by Kevin’s brother David. From that point on I realized this is not just a band this is not just a song this is life and lifestyle. I went through a lot of maturing while listening to of Montreal and they have been there for me through good and bad and when no one else was. I love this band with all my heart. Thank you

Here’s the single cover art for of Montreal’s new song “Bassem Sabry,” with illustration by David Barnes (aka bee with wheels) and layout / logo illustration by me (aka iheartjlp.com).

The new of Montreal single, “Bassem Sabry,” is available now via polyvinylrecords on 
iTunes - http://smarturl.it/bassemsabry
Spotify - http://bit.ly/bassemsabry
Rdio - http://rd.io/x/QVdhUSIPf3Q/