Cutest bromance ever. <3

When Adrián says “No, por favor~” it’s so adorable!

I’ve watched this repeatedly and went awh and laughed every time. 

So glad I found David (Adrián Rodríguez) and Fer (Javier Calvo) on youtube by accident, even if their storyline broke my heart when Fer died. </3

 I’ve not actually watched up to that part because I seen a spoiler and was like, I can’t watch Fer die! 

On another note, watching them has made me wish I had properly learned Spanish. Been thinking about learning another language lately. 

Anywho! If this video doesn’t work use the source link to watch it on youtube. There’s also English translations to what they’re saying in the video description on youtube. 

Adrián + Javier | Meteor Shower <3

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