okay okay storytime to brighten your mood a bit: in the locker room in the allianz arena, we have 22 lockers and every player has his own picture over his locker so he knows where he has to sit - it’ a bit like in kindergarten tbh. and we normally don’t have a seating order, like, when a player leaves the club the new players takes his places. EXCEPT FOR TWO PEOPLE. franck ribery is sitting on the left side of the locker room, david alaba on the right. as we all know, they get along pretty well, are best friends and they were sitting next to each other for a veeeery long time. but they also love talking with each other. a lot. very loud. so after some time, bayern decided, it would be the best to just seperate them - one to the one side of the locker room, the other one to the other side. well, it didn’t quiete went as they wanted it, now they’re just shouting to each other through the locker room.

most people will either be spending time with their other half on valentine’s day or crying because they’re single, meanwhile i’ll be preparing myself for the inevitably stressful match between arsenal and bayern the next day 

Bayern in college

Xabi is the cool, effortlessly classy and fashionable guy; a finance major.

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Neuer, a marketing major, is an all around good guy, very confident, and doesn’t mind getting up front and talking, giving presentations. He likes to help out the younger students adjust to college life - a good mentor.

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Lewy. Oh, lewy. He would be the guy that is really cool, but you’re not sure in like a good way or not. He’s a business major - and his girlfriend is like a karate champ

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Muller is the funny guy, all around prankster, asks the questions in class. He’s a physical education major :) He’s good friends with Manu, which is kinda strange given they’re so different, but they balance each other’s personalities well

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Lahm is a quiet guy, a management major, but very intelligent and knows how to motivate and lead. 

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Joshua is quiet but strong. He’s very serious about studying and getting good grades and doesn’t act crazy. He’s a pre-law major.

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Thiago is a super smart guy, but likes to have fun too, however he hasn’t decided on a major yet…he’s not great at getting to class on time, but teachers don’t have heart to get mad at him yet

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Alaba is really fun and nice too and everyones’ good friend - always has a positive attitude. He’s going to be getting a communication degree. 

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Poor Javi, he’s always trying to concentrate and the dorks keep distracting him…and that’s why he tries not to sit next to them in class…if he could ever have a peaceful moment with all the commotion around, he could decide on a major.

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Arjen is the guy that’s super smart, but doesn’t act all arrogant about it…he’s an engineering major.

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Mats is a bit intimidating, but once you get to know him, you know he’s kind too. He’s a criminal justice major. 

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