I’ve not stopped laughing at Olivia’s impression of Jodie I’m cackling it’s so accurate

Since we now have 5 Modern Who Doctors, don’t you think it’s about time we got “The Five Doctors 2”? 😀

In case you didn’t know: in the Classic Who era there was an episode called “The Five Doctors” - with Doctors 1 - 5 (sort of).

Hartnell had to be recasted as he had sadly passed away by then, and Tom Baker for some reason doesn’t make that much of an appearance - I haven’t see the episode in full so I cannot say why this was… perhaps it was acting schedules….

Still with what they did, it looks a lot of fun.

That’s exactly what we need for the sequel! Showcasing the Modern Who Doctors in all their glory!

Of course…if it comes to it, they could always make “The Four Doctors”, with Whittaker as the lead.

David Tennant loves coming back as The Doctor so he’d be in (I swear that man is tied to Doctor Who until forever!)

Matt Smith has expressed that he would love to come back for a bit!

Peter Capaldi is the biggest fanboy of Doctor Who there is, and really enjoyed his time as The Doctor, so I have no doubt he’d be back.

Which leads to the elephant in the room…Christopher Eccleston. Yes there isn’t confirmation he would come back (his Doctor is barely featured in extended media as it is), but there is a slight hope.

Who knows, if they can’t get him fully back they could just give him a brief cameo. Seems the more respectful route.

“David and Billie in Snowdrop” - Digital Oil Painting

I wanted to pick a palette I hadn’t used for this pose, referenced from one of my favorite pictures of them. 

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Help I can’t stop making dw fanart

They are all just so incredible and we have to wait until 2020 for more and now I want to cry. At least there are still 9 doctors and a ton of companions until I run out of stuff to draw.

You know, I chose the colors and fonts depending on what I felt when I think of them and it’s funny how both 10 and 12 ended up with cool colors, like more rational thinking, while 11 and 13 are warm tones.

Also how their colors are opposites from each other, kind of

“If there’s one thing I’m certain of, when people need help, I never refuse.”

I’m in love with the new Doctor who series because of Jodie Whittaker and I couldn’t resist myself to redraw the beautiful promo picture of her.