david byrne is god

just plain horrible theory im so sorry everyone

David Byrne’s Big Suit was an inflation thing this whole time god i hate writing this

you see that symbol in the bottom right? with the wireless icon in the rectangle? that’s the button which mysteriously appeared tonight, which lets me send videos to the “smart” television in the living room. I nearly exposed my family in the other room to “Spiderman Kisses Elsa In The Toilet”. can you imagine what it would be like if it went through? can you imagine trying to explain that? can you imagine me trying to explain to my own father that “uh,,, a friend sent it to me” when in fact I have subscribed to this channel of my own masochistic volition??? god. I also nearly sent “David Byrne covers Loser” which is just the vocals for “Once in a Lifetime” played over the instrumental version of “Loser”. I think that one would be fine tbh. my dad would probably like it. (my stepmom would probably not.) but fucking “Spiderman Kisses Elsa In The Toilet”. God. I dodged a fucking bullet