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Billie loved when they got to stay at Jane’s—she liked to help her with her garden and reveled in all of the open space in the backyard. David had even rigged up a pair of swings by the shed out of pipes and scrap metal. It was so much better than at their own house; the street they lived on was crowded with houses, each pressed so close to its neighbor that the patches of empty ground between and behind were narrow and good for absolutely nothing. So Mondays and Wednesdays were her favorite days of the week in the summer—while Mum was working at the garage with David, she and Dani and Boomhauer got to stay with Jane.

(Of course she often begged to be allowed to go to the garage and help out, lured by the promise of cars and machinery and grease, but Mum had made it very clear that she was still a bit too little to be tinkering with such things. “Just a couple more years, mousie,” Charlie had promised her. “And I swear I’ll let you come with. I’ll show you how to do anything you want to do, okay?”)

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No Backyard?  Try Container Gardening!

If you are wanting to start a garden, but live in an apartment, container gardening is the best option for you.  Container gardening refers to growing plants outdoors in pots.

To start a container garden, first determine how much room you have on your patio.  Although some plants can thrive indoors on window sills, it’s preferable to grow them outdoors so they can recieve 6-8 hours of sunlight daily.  Next, research the types of plants you want to grow.  Flowers?  Vegetables? Herbs?  Perhaps a little of all three?

Next do a little research on the types of plants you want to grow, and buy the right size of pots for them.  Find out how long it takes for them to bloom or when they can be harvested.  Also find out where you can buy some Non-GMO plants that have already been started, but need to be planted in a pot. 

Once you have your plants picked out, and have bought soil, you may now start planting.  Water your plants every 2-3 days, and watch your garden grow before your eyes!