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Dating Alex Ernst would include...

requested by anon <3

  • semi-weekly trips to the shelter
  • adopting a dog together. or two
  • alex taking his shirt off every chance he gets
  • always helping you with your homework or any other work, but tries to distract you when he get’s bored like putting his hand on your tight or playing with bailey (when the bunny comes in you drop what you’re doing and swear to finish your work later)
  • midnight trips to wallmart
  • vlogging together
  • him taking cool aesthetic photos of you while you pretend to not be looking
  • lots
  • of
  • him taking your glasses and taking a bunch of selfies with them, then complaining how blind you are
  • using your snapchat more than his to let all of your friends know how loved and taken care of you are
  • you helping him come up with jokes on twitter
  • going to music festivals together. alex makes an extra effort to either hug your waist or hold your hand as he walks so everyone would know you’re ‘his girl’
  • competing for cutest couple with david & liza