david's tall but that dude

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"Jesus Christ, what the hell?" A tall red-haired woman, looks similar to David approaches Daniel. "Dude, what the hell-do you want me to call an ambulance?!" (askashthecounselor. Oh my goodness why are they stabbing him jfc)

“It’s fine” he smiled meekly and fell onto the approaching woman 
// @askashthecounselor

alright, ney called bernard chaveirinho too bc he’s an uncreative piece of shit but has bernard replied to him saying he misses him??? has bernard sent neymar heart emoji???? nope. you kno who bernard said he misses??? and sent heart emoji to????? that’s right. tall dude with impossible hair called david luiz who also said he misses bernard ok they love and miss each other so fucking much i’m in p a i n