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talking about Atomic Blonde with straights: ah yes the John Wick director, it is going to be a #visual and #cinematic #masterpiece

talking about Atomic Blonde with queer people: Charlize Theron beats people up in every way conceivable??? and pins Sofia Boutella to a wall? what did we do to deserve this???


You’re a little judgy. You’re a lot judgy. You’re like Judge Reinhold.

A little moment of Steve playing Just Hold On last night during his set in Mexico City (29/03). I can’t describe how beautiful it was to see this song live and experience the whole thing. Steve said this song was special and the support it has gotten has been amazing; when Louis’ voice started, the whole stadium screamed so loud and everyone sang along to the “ohhh ohhh ohhh”’s so loud (you can see that on one of Steve’s snaps). The whole moment was so beautiful and overwhelming and iconic, I’m so proud and happy about it. (I know this isn’t the greatest video but I wanted to share this with you).


Carl Martin Eggesbø, David Alexander Sjøholt, Elias Selhi, Fredrik Vildgren, Henrik Holm, Marlon Valdés Langeland, Rakel Øfsti Nesje & Tarjei Sandvik Moe at “Skam-Festen” at Sentralen on June 23, 2017 in Oslo, Norway



With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we thought you might want some Poe Party Valentines to express your literary love. Perfect to share with that guy or gal down the street who never appreciates all the poems you write about them and all the ravens you send their way.

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Gwen should adopt Max

You’ve heard of David being the number one Dad, but what about Gwen adopting Max and becoming number one mom?

Gwen and Max can both be rather pessimistic and understand each other’s boundaries creating a bond.

Gwen knows Max’s past, and dual majoring in psychology helps her understand Max’s actions.

They love the same tv shows and movies, and they often go to the theatre together.

They make large trays of food and invite David over for little parties when they binge their trashy tv shows.

Gwen being asked if she’s Max’s sister constantly, and one day Max telling anyone who asks that she’s his mom.

Gwen being super emotional over something silly like a tv show and Max teasing her.

Gwen goes back to school and they help each other with homework.

Gwen letting David move in so that he can help with rent and Max can have a male figure in his life.

Both of them wanting to murder David for being so cheerful no matter what time of day.

They go on an outing to celebrate one month of David staying with them, and Max tells anyone who asks that Gwen and David are his mom and dad.

Gwen and David both cry and Max gets flustered and threatens them.

Gwen taking Max out on what they call “Mommy and Me days,” and they shop for clothes and treat themselves to massages and pedicures.

They are an ultimate sass team, and do not hold back when they double team someone and almost always make someone cry.

Gwen is shocked when Max and David work together to give her the best Mother’s Day.

All together her and Max just being the cutest Mother and Son duo ever.