david x olivia

cookie-moi  asked:

Ellie's new long hair causes me to imagine her getting whipped in the face by it all the time when she is not on the job. Like she is on the beach - hair in mouth. Trying to phone someone - constantly hair inbetween phone and ear. Walking along the clifftops with Hardy who, of course, stands dramatically in the wind, his coat billowing behind him. While she has no idea where she is going because of all the bloody hair in her eyes.^^ (So he will have to hold her hand to keep her from falling)



whatsontv interview: what's next?
  • Interviewer: What’s next for both of you?
  • David: “I’ve done a film called You, Me and Him. It’s a modern romance, produced by my wife [actress Georgia Moffat]. It’s exciting working for the missus.”
  • Olivia: “I’ve done a voiceover for a new BBC version of Watership Down, but I keep crying. I promised my mum I’d never watch it because she knew I wouldn’t cope, but now I’m seeing it when I record.”
  • David: [Starts singing the theme from the original 1978 film] “Bright Eyes, burning like fire.”
  • Olivia: “Stop it!”