david x olivia

i just napped and dreamt that broadchurch ended with alec dying because his heart thingy fails and ellie is like “you cant die on me” trying desperately to add some humor in behind her tears and then later on when he’s doing worse she’s like “i love you” and alec looks like he’s about to say something back then all you can hear is the monitor flatlining with ellie’s clear panic and cries till it all fades out and that really heartbreaking song that plays in the trailer plays as the sound from the scene is washed out completely by it and doctors and nurses are rushing in giving cpr as the camera backs away slowly and finally goes black once one of the doctors look at ellie and shake their head as she collapses and cries

the signs as insults from broadchurch:
  • Aquarius: when you die, no one will mourn for you
  • Aries: what do you know about being a mother? you're barely bloody human
  • Cancer: knob.
  • Capricorn: i hope you bloody well crash and have a heart attack while you're crashing
  • Gemini: i wanted to say... i think you're a truly horrible person
  • Leo: you can keep your broody bullshit shtick to yourself
  • Libra: i'll give you money to shut up
  • Pieces: why are you being such a fuckwit about this?
  • Scorpio: what is the point of you, miller?
  • Sagittarius: move away from me now or i will piss in a cup and throw it at you
  • Taurus: i hoped you might choke on the seeds
  • Virgo: i'll give you money to be less of a knob