david x neil

Nikki: Damn, Max, that angle makes my ass look fine as fuck.

Nerris: Your ass is always fine as frick to me! *slaps Nikki’s booty*

Max: Jesus, please don’t taint my photography with your- your- whatever this is


The most disturbing part of Daniel’s character is the fact that he’s based off an actual person who really did kill everyone at a camp by poisoning the koolaid.

Camp Camp Shipping Playlist

Hey, guys, so this took THREE DAYS to put together and I’m so sleep deprived but I don’t care?? I hope you enjoy the songs (none of which belong to me) that I listed!

All ships and songs are listed in ABC order, so don’t get sh00k if you’re scrolling and can’t find your favorite ship. It’s there, don’t worry.

P.S. If there’s a ship that I missed, it’s because I didn’t know it existed or because I chose not to acknowledge it’s existence (*cough* MAX//VID *cough*) ANYWAYYY,  IF THERE’S A SHIP THAT YOU LIKE AND IT’S MISSING THEN SEND ME A DM ABT IT AND I’LL ADD IT ALONG WITH SOME GOOD SONGS :D

Bonquisha x David

Bonquisha x Gwen

Daniel x David

Daniel x Jen

Daniel x Kevin

David x Gwen

David x Jasper

Ered x Nikki

Gwen x Jen

Harrison x Neil

Harrison x Nerris

Harrison x Preston

Max x Neil

Max x Nikki

Max x Preston

Max x Snake

Nikki x Nerris

Dadvid!! (not a ship, but I feel like David being a great father deserves a playlist)

The Trio (Max, Neil, Nikki)

The Magic Trio (Preston, Nerris, Harrison)


Nervous laughter. Right so this one kind of got away from me. 

Title: Good Morning

Pairing: Jasper/David a lil but could also be platonic.

Genre: Angst (but not too bad)

Word Count: 3,183

Warnings: Cuss words but dude you watch camp camp so

Summary: above ^

(Did I do the fic intro thing right?)

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Cult Angel

When he showed up, he struck me as beautiful.

Blue eyes, white hair.

An angel. An angel cloaked in gold and white.

He smiled and I was star struck.

“What’s your name?”


He was perfect, even the kids loved him.

He was too perfect, how did I not notice?

“A cultist! You hired a fucking cultist, you idiot!”

And now.. I’m holding a cup of koolaid.

All the kids are dead.

“Don’t drink the koolaid!”

And he’s smiling at me, and he’s like white gold.

“I love you, Daniel.”

“Wait.. Max doesn’t love anyone..”

I drink it.

“Time to ascend, David.”

Okay, more headcanons

-Dolph and Space kid are totally together and yes, totally go alien hunting together
-Dolph paints Preston’s sets and Ered’s skateboard
-Dolph sees Preston as a big brother, and Ered as a big sister. He basically makes a small little sibling family, and Preston is fine with it because he respects Ered.
-Preston probably searches up cute actors at home when no ones looking or something. is that a theatre kid stereotype? probably
-He both hates and loves High school Musical. Hate for the unrealistic cheeriness, and love for all the catchy songs.
-Space kid is a pan-romantic demi-boy, Preston is bisexual, Dolph is homo-romantic, Ered is a lesbian, Neil is trans and asexual, Nerris is gender-fluid, and Harrison is demi-romantic. I may think up of more later.
-Ered has a girlfriend back home that she somehow secretly talks to. Probably with a phone hidden somewhere.
-Nurf is learning to calm down and stuff, and he does that by watching calm children’s cartoons, like Guess How Much I Love You.
-David had neglectful parents too, but never talks about it because he’s too distracted being happy.
-Gwen does sudoku and sometimes doodles small flowers at the edges.
-Dolph has a hard time kissing Space kid, because it’s always on the helmet, and Space Kid doesn’t even notice. So they settle for holding hands.
-Nikki sets fire to flowers every day. Omg Nikki why.
-Max most likely wants to sign up for music camp, and is a fan of all genres. Even country music, but really because he likes making fun of it.

okie dokes thats all