david x donna

Nine hundred years of time and space, and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important
—  Doctor Who

Donna: My grandmother died.

(They hug. Valerie watches from the stairs. Donna pulls away.)

Donna: Um…all of the arrangements have been made. The funeral is tomorrow at 11.

David: I’m sorry…

Donna: No. I am. I shouldn’t have come here.

Valerie: (After Donna leaves) You did the right thing. Letting her go.

David: …did I?

Valerie: Look, she has Noah, okay? And about the funeral. I’m not going. And I really don’t think you should either.

David: There is no reason why Donna and I can’t be part of each other’s lives.

Valerie: It’s a simple equation. Who has the higher value here? Her…or me?

David: You wanna turn this into a stupid little math problem? Fine. I loved her longer than I’ve known you.  We grew up together…we lived together…and I’m going to be there for her tomorrow whether you like it or not.

Beverly Hills 90210, 8x19

fuck i hate it when you have an otp and you know that they don’t end up together, but you keep rewatching in the hope that this time it’ll end up different - that this time they’ll be together…but it ends all the same.


ok but these are my two favorite gifs of all time because they are literally pouring their heart and soul into each other

it shows how much they love and care for each and in just a short bit of eye contact i just

they are in love and no one can convince me otherwise

your opinion is irrelevant bye