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Can I be honest? You scare the living shite out of me. I'm not a Jonsa shipper, but I've read the metas that you linked in your "as I loved your mother" meta, and your ideas are being confirmed almost word for word by Bryan and that's absolutely mad bonkers! I've scrolled through your blog and saw your reply to that ask about Sansa becoming sadistic and again, your reply was spot on with what Dan and David said about Dany in the commentary almost word for word! Your blog is amazing keep it up!

Can I also be honest? It even freaked ME out a little bit 😅😂😂

I legit had a moment where I went, WHOA

Idk I think I’m a pretty intuitive, and logical person, and I know Jonsa is coming in season 8, but still, it actually surprised me to see how these ideas and thoughts that came out of my, Jondelion shippers would call it, “stupid and delusional” head, were actually confirmed by the directors and screenwriters. It was a really good but weird feeling tbh! It feels really good to be proven right, after being insulted and called all sorts of names, on a daily basis.

These past few days have been amazing for us Jonsa shippers, we are being fed so well 😁👌🙌💙

Thank you nonny! I’m so happy you like my blog! ☺️💙

P.S Sorry for “scaring the living shite out of” you. 🙏🙈😂


Who’s in the mood for a little Fassbender-Special?? 😉❤️✏️

PS: Next one’s in the making. Sketch is finished, now starts the colouring. 👍🏻

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For me The X-Files was always about Scully more than Mulder. She was the character I gravitated to. For a lot of people The X-Files was always about Mulder, but for me it was Scully first.
—  Bryan Fuller

X-Men TV Series ‘Legion’ Ordered To Series At FX

The first season will run for eight episodes and will debut in early 2017.

‘Legion’ will follow David Haller (the son of Professor X in the comics), played by Dan Stevens, a mutant with a form schizophrenia where each one of his personalities controls a different mutant power. Haller has heard voices since he was a boy, but a strange encounter with a fellow mental patient leaves him wondering if the voices are real. You can see the first full photo of Haller in Legion below.

Legion is a join production of FX Productions and Marvel Television. Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) is joined by Noah Hawley (Fargo), Lauren Shuler Donner (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Wolverine), Bryan Singer (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Superman Returns), Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Martian), Jon Cameron and Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb (Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil) and Jim Chory (Daredevil) as executive producers.

Bryan Fuller interview about New X-Files

We jokingly spoke before about David Duchovny appearing as a guest star to finally re-unite Mulder & Scully but since then the return of The X-Files has been announced. You were a fan, so how you feeling about it?

I am thrilled. Gillian has invited me to the set to visit her and I intend on taking her up on that offer.

Have you spoken to Gillian about it and do you reckon she’ll go back to the iconic Scully red hair?

She spoke to me about it over a year ago and told me it was happening but swore me to secrecy. It was so hard because all my friends are huge X-Files fans.

They were rumours about it and they were asking me if Gillian had said anything about it. I was like, not to me but inside I was screaming hopping up and down.

I wonder. I wonder if Scully is going to be ginger again or go blonde?

As a writer and a fan what would you like to see in the new X-Files?

I would love to see the return to high concept hardcore science fiction genre storytelling in which they excelled. So much has happened in television since The X-Files because of The X-Files and now it is up to them to shift the paradigm again because there have been so many X-Files-esque series’ in the interim that I am so curious to see how they navigate that.

I have implicit trust and it must be so good to get both David and Gillian back because they are so iconic. For me The X-Files was always about Scully more than Mulder, she was the character I gravitated to.

For a lot of people The X-Files was always about Mulder but for me it was Scully first.

Given what we’ve seen in Hannibal and your other work, it would seem that The X-Files would be a great fit for you…

I would love it. Gillian and I spoke very briefly about how fun that would be for me to play in that play box. What is great about what they are doing is that they are bringing back the old team, they are getting The X-Files master-class back together and telling those stories.

As a fan, I am thrilled to be in the audience and watch that. Yes, I’d jump at half a chance to participate in that world. But I am so thrilled to see what they’re doing and it is kind of like what they’re doing with Star Wars.

I’d love to participate in that world but equally as thrilled to sit in the audience to see what J.J Abrams has come up with.