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Here Lies Killian Jo- Wait A Minute

So I just watched Firebird and now I can’t sleep because of all the angst, so to cheer myself up I wrote this cracky mini-fic. Enjoy! Please do not steal this from me or attempt to claim it as your own.

The solemn air saturated the graveyard. The mahogany coffin was surrounded by royals and thieves alike, all wearing black, and all bowing their heads respectfully.

There was no religious figure presiding the service, but simply a prince to a long gone kingdom who called the deceased his ‘mate’.

“No matter how we met Killian Jones, it was always very memorable,” David finished off, his red eyes trying to show levity, knowing his closest friend wouldn’t have wanted a miserable funeral.

Henry clung to Snow’s arm, needing his grandmother’s support right then, not wanting to be a burden on his mom when she could barely hold herself up.

“Emma, would you like to say a few words?” David asked when he was done.
Emma Swan, the Savoir, stepped forward, grief coming off of her in waves.

“My first impression of him was not a good one,” she started, a flick of her lips upwards when she remembered the first time her hands went through his hair when she put a knife to his throat. She quickly banished the memory when she was also reminded of the last time she ran her hands through it. “When it came to journeys and adventures, he was the best person to have around.”

Emma met eyes with Henry, and he nodded at her, encouraging her to go on.

“I’m just lucky we got the adventures that we did get. He was always so resourceful, he was brave, and clever, and-,”

Just then, the coffin burst open revealing Killian Jones sitting up and staring at the crowd.


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Preference #9, IM5: Late Nights With Him


“Hey, babe? Where are my swimming trunks?” You hear your boyfriend David call from the bathroom. It was right across from your bedroom, so he didn’t need to yell.

“David, they’re in here, you don’t need to yell, baby.” You said, getting up and grabbing them off of the dresser. You knocked on the bathroom door. “David. I have your shorts.” You said, handing them to the hand peeking out of the crack in the door.

“Thanks you very much. Get your bathing suit on and get outside. I have a surprise for you!” He said, closing the bathroom door. You shook your head, walking back into the bedroom, and opening your closet. A blue bikini was hanging from a hanger in front of you, so you decided that you would wear it; instead of looking through the mess. Since David was in the bathroom, you changed in the bedroom. As you were tying your bikini strap, you heard a wolf whistle; it belonging to the handsome man standing half naked in your doorframe. “Well, how long have you been here, sexy lady?” He said, winking at you. You blushed as you put your hair up, then bent over to pick your towel up. “Now, babe. Don’t tease. We’re not kids, you know.” David said, his cheeks pink. You laughed,

“You look devilishly handsome in those red swim trunks, David.” You said.

He smirks. “I try.” He grabs a towel off the rack.“Now. Out to the backyard!” David announced, guiding you to the French panel doors that led to the small backyard you owned.

You both recently moved from an apartment to a house, so there was nothing out there but grass, but when you saw the Jacuzzi on a fresh patio; your jaw dropped. “David!” You exclaimed, jumping into his arms. “I cant believe it! Where did you get this, and why?” You asked, nudging your nose into his neck. He laughed, walking over and dropping you over the side. He got in next to you, and pulled you close.

“Brand new house, nothing in it. We had to start somewhere.” He said with a smile, and looked up at the night sky. You giggled, doing the same. You don’t know how long you were out there for, but you both were surely pruned afterwards.

Will: “Y/N, where are you?” You hear your boyfriend call from the kitchen. You grunted in response from the bedroom, where you sat in front of your laptop in a dazed and angry state. Your friend began dating your ex boyfriend from several years ago, and had posted a picture on instagram of her new ring he bought her. They had only been dating for two months and already were getting married. You saw it, and messaged your friend.

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Closing your laptop and clicking off your phone, you walked out to see a midnight snack already made for you and placed out on the table. Will smiled at you when you appeared from behind the doorframe, and approached you with his arms open.

“What’s wrong, Love?” He cooed, kissing your forehead. You wrapped your arms around him and told what happened, and instead of saying something, he led you to the table. You sat down in a wooden chair, but Will shook his head at you, and pulled over your recliner. With a smile, he pulled you into his lap, along with your snack. Popcorn, with milk duds, chocolate chips, and a caramel drizzle. Not normally what you would eat, but your boyfriend definitely knew his comfort foods. Together, you both sat at the table, talking about random things until the sun came up.


You were dozing off on the couch when the phone rang. Getting up, you ran to the bedroom and picked up the receiver.

“Ay, Baby. I just wanted to call to let you know I’m coming home a little early. ”

“Sounds good.” you reply trying to not sound as excited as you were. He’d been on tour a while.

“I love you, see you when I get home.”

You heard your boyfriend say before the call ended. You put the phone back on its charger, picked up your pillow and blanket, and walked back into the living room. You fell asleep on the couch right after that, waking up to Dana’s soft hand caressing your cheek. Your eyes fluttered open, and a large grin appeared on your face when you saw him, the same expression on his face. He bear hugged you, pulling you up from your blanket cocoon, and swinging you around.

“I missed you so much!” He said, burying his face into your neck. You giggled, wrapping your legs around his middle.

“I was just about to watch The Notebook, if you wanted to join me. I have tissues.” You said to him, pulling him down on the couch.
He grunted as you both fell, but you fell in his lap, so there was nothing to complain about. You curled up in his lap, your arms draped around his shoulders. He smiled down at you just as the movie was starting, a tear already falling from his face.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too, Dana.” You responded, giving him a quick kiss. You both lasted about halfway through the movie with no tears, only because of the lack of sleep you both got. Dana was normally the one who fell asleep during movies. Not the both of you.

Cole: It was about 10 when you arrived home from work to find your boyfriend Cole on the couch watching some type of cartoon. You closed the door behind you, slipped off your shoes, and gave him a quick kiss before heading into your bedroom. You dropped your bags at the door, and took off your day clothes. After you had your pajamas on, you decided to look for your journal in the closet. The light was already on, due to Cole being home all day, so you began looking. A Nike shoebox was at the front of the floor, and out of curiosity; you opened it. A mess of blues, reds, yellows, and intricate designs were all shattered. You wondered what it was at first, but then; it hit you like an incoming train. It was the china doll you got from your grandmother when you were only seven years old. You had been looking for it for years, and you never realized that you brought it with you when you moved in with Cole. A tear rolled down your face as you picked up the box with the remains in it, and you shook your head.

Walking into the living room, you called Cole’s name about four times, but he didn’t hear you over the TV. “Cole!” You said louder, his head whipping around to look at you; wide eyes staring. “What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly, rising from the couch. You stepped towards him, feeling his embrace around you, but you kept the box close.

“My china doll is broken..”You said quietly into his chest. He stroked your head, guiding you to the table. "Put the box down, I’ll grab the glue.” He said with a reassuring smile on his face, pulling away from you, and entering the kitchen. You put the box on the table, and opened it to reveal the mess. Cole came back with the glue, sitting down in the chair across from you, and grabbed two pieces. “Now, time to get to work!” He said, smiling at you. About two hours later, you had a comfy bed, a warm man, and a fixed doll.


“Isn’t it nice?” You hear your boyfriend ask from the top of the hill you had been traipsing up for half an hour. “Sure…” You heave, gasping for breath. Reaching the top; keeling over. He placed a lawn chair down on the ground, laying a blanket over it. He laughed at you, waving you over to sit down beside him. You stood up again, walking over to him, dragging your pillow behind. Gabe thought that since you just got home from a trip, that it would be nice if you two could relax and gaze at the stars. When he heard that it would be a clear sky and a full moon tonight, he giddily told you once dinner was over. He looked so happy, to include you in something that he  loved, so you gladly said yes. Now, here you were, in his arms. His arms wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you back to lean against his chest, where he rested his head on yours.

“So, are stars cold, or warm?” He asked quietly, as if there was somebody around.

“Well, Gabe, stars are cold. Just like an ice cube, but highly explosive.” You laughed, grasping his hand in yours. He kissed your head, and looked up at the sky once more.

“Look! A shooting star!” He said excitedly, poking a finger out towards the object.  You giggled, looking towards where he was pointing. It was obviously an airplane.

”Make a wish!” You told him, smiling ever so slightly. He nodded, closing his eyes. And for a few more hours, you both stayed there.